Yeah, you’ve made history, that’s for sure Ms PM

Pity you’ll be remembered as the worst PM this nation has ever seen. Your carbon tax is based on lies, lies over the real state of the planet, a bald-faced lie you told the Australian people, and lies in regards to this tax – a tax, a tax on progress and business – somehow saving the 4.3 billion-year-old planet.

“There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.”

And now we have a carbon tax, but you still don’t have a mandate.

Borrowings are up, the deficit it up, the live cattle trade is just getting back on its feet after you almost destroyed it at the stroke of a pen, we’ve wasted billions on sheds with no walls at our schools, billions more will be wasted on an already obsolete NBN, 500 people are needlessly dead thanks to your disastrous illegal immigration policy that usurped one that worked, you’re throwing money down Europe’s toilet, and business doesn’t know which way to turn…

And yet it’s the Opposition’s fault, the people who aren’t in government, according to your wicked cook book.

My goodness, what a terrible PM you are. Nice person, perhaps.

Rotten leader.

Yes, you have made history. We will remember you.

  1. While half a world apart, it seems our 2 great nations are inexoribly linked. Your description of Gillard can easily be used to describe Obama. The only thing lacking is the carbon tax, and that is only due to the differences in the governments (parlimentary versus presidential).

    They say misery loves company, but I find no solace in your problems with the “dictator down under”.

    • And people’s opposition is democratic and non-violent. Compare that to the anarchy we saw with Leftist opposition during the Bush/Howard years.

      G20 summits come to mind.

      Compare that to the mess in Zuccotti Park.

      • Zuccotti park is a sunday picnic compared to other sites. Check out this list. It is updated daily.

        • Oh yeah. Woah, it’s doubled in a day.

  2. Jooolya would have us forget all the dud programs that Kruddfuhrer accumulated. (I’d put a link here, but why should I choose one article when there are so many on offer? Google ‘Kevin Rudd’s broken promises’ if you need your memory refreshed.)
    There is not a speck of fiscal intelligence to be found anywhere on Canberra’s treasury benches. That’s been proven beyond question in the last four years. And yet we’re supposed to believe that the Circus of Ineptitude has got the carbon tax right. That it will all work out just dandy for the country and for the people.
    Kruddy’s ETS was going to cost working families $1 a week at the start. It climbed pretty damn quick and pretty damn high too. No reason to believe that Jooolya’s baby won’t do the same.

  3. It doesn’t help when part of Parliament refuses to be part of Parliament. Twaki reveals that the Gvernor-General, who has sworn an oath to do right to all manner of Australians, without fear or favour, and who has a constitutional duty to maintain the laws of our commonwealth, is not interested in democracy.

    • Bryce is part of the rats’ nest clique of progressive women far removed from people like my and (presumably) your mum and/or wife.

      Kernot, Nixon, Gillard, Wong, Bligh… the list goes on.

      I’d take a Julie Bishop over any of that lot any day.

    • Great link btw…

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