Why’s the PM have to make it a gender issue?

Correllation does not mean causation.

Community sector workers are low paid. Most community sector workers are women.

This does not mean they are low paid because they are women.

This is primary school stuff: a cat has four legs, a dog has four legs; therefore a cat is a dog.

The PM almost made a right decision by giving community sector workers a pay rise – about seven grand each from a total budget of two billion – and then, as usual, completely stuffed what most people would surely see as a good decision (or at least not be too concerned about) by then driving the gender wedge into an argument about something that has nothing to do with gender, but everything to so with the largely unseen, thankless and emotionally grinding work our community sector workers do for crap pay.

Yeck, the article is infested with rats’ nest gender politics.

    • Middle Ground View
    • November 10th, 2011

    Julia Gillard is finding that it’s easy to spend money that’s not hers. isn’t she?

    • O/T Your “four reasons” post nailed it, and without the blather either.

  1. Sad sob story, a social worker, female earns up to $46,000 a year.. A member of the public who she claims she helps (cares) earns $15 -$20 hour.. on around 20hours a week. Gillard gov. like the one before claims that is a weeks employment.. Gee, wouldn’t you rather be on the $46k pa than the other 10,000 in her care?

    • Cheers. Was wondering how much they actually made.

      • It was the figure quoted, they were comparing a Miner’s wage to the lowly paid
        Social Worker.. Even when I worked my highest income for the year was $17,600.0.0 same year they deducted % tax for buy back the guns via health tax. I did not hear any complaints from Social Workers. I would love to know who & why followed me around like a Stalker – it appeared they were working as a team, & this went on from earliest memories of 8 year old to end of my working years, or perhaps a few months later.

        • ?

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