Another reason for Occupiers to go home

Just in case the nightly threat of rape or living in squalor as the world mocks watches, via JM, we see one more reason why Occupy protesters would do well to reconsider their strategy.

The home base for Occupy Atlanta has tested positive for tuberculosis.

Home base turns out to be an old homeless shelter.

Thank goodness “[t]he homeless shelter is also facing an eviction of its own from the city.”

But yeah, if you hear any nonsense about the evil thug police force kicking them out of there, just remember this story.

And it looks like it will be cops kicking them out.

Tim Franzen spokesman for Occupy Atlanta told WAOK’s Rob Redding that the group is not thinking about moving its headquarters from the homeless shelter because of the tuberculosis report.

Yeah, no worries that it’s “a strain of TB that is resistant to a single, standard medication used to treat this condition.”


A few causes of TB transmission?

They include “people in areas where TB is common, people who inject illicit drugs, residents and employees of high-risk congregate settings, medically under-served and low-income populations…” and “[p]eople with prolonged, frequent, or intense contact…”

Smart move, Franzen.

  1. Hi,
    That is horrific. I know one thing for sure, if I was in that building, regardless of what others say, I would be gone ASAP. This is just going from bad to worse, it’s truly unbelievable, what is wrong with these people.

      • Winston Smith
      • November 11th, 2011

      They are getting a dose of reality, mags. And anarchy.
      Maybe some will wake up to the fact that Anarchy is not for them.

    • Chad
    • November 12th, 2011

    I’m curious if anyone knows. How is this Tim Franzen associated with one Karen M. Kristensen? It appears the latter may be an Atlanta elementary school teacher.

    Odd for a teacher to be conducting business with a known felon.


  2. You are my new fav. person… why do I keep agreeing with you!

    • Aww shucks. Cheers, mate. That’s a good blog you have yourself there, too. Awesome design.

      Apart from recommending everyone in the blogroll, most of which you’d probably know of, a few you mightn’t are Rogue Operator and A Conservative Teacher.

      They’re American. Also, check out Paco.

      On the Aussie side, Bolt and Blair are required daily reading, but if you want to see a bit more of where Aus is at, check out Barnaby, Gavin Atkins, Catallaxy, Wake Up to the Lies.

      Mags has a great blog, too. She finds random shit all the time.

      GWPF is a great global warmening site.

      Deadman is pretty funny.

      Heck, they’re all good.

      OH, and if you wanna taunt your lefty friends, send them the 25,000 word Ph.D about Hitler being a Lefty Socialist.

      • I see you found Phil’s blog, too. Always good value.

      • Thanks, bing bing. I wish I could get around in the blogosphere more often and onto the comment boards. This is a real go-to blog for up-to-date environut news around the globe. Appreciate what you guys do here. RO

        • Couldn’t not point you out biatch.

          • Then I hope you don’t me blamming your site, you might get a kick, or a wretch, out of this one:


  3. Rape, theft, murder, disease. The four horsemen of the Occupalypse.*

    *with acknowledgment to Tim Blair…

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • November 12th, 2011

      Just dial 1800OCCUPY for a real good time! 😆

      • It’s fukn ridiculous. They’re trying to work out how to change the world but they can’t even work out how to take a shit properly.

        Kinda makes sense.

        Welfare is the giant diaper bag of society.

      • Genuine useless bastards waiting to take your call!

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