Four years and they didn’t bother even really checking who came in to Britain

Now that’s just asking for trouble.

Passports checked to see if the photo matches; nothing else.

Why? France complained of a bottleneck.

Europe has a border problem.

Big Time.

With its porous borders, Greece has become a convenient backdoor entry into the rest of the European Union. In 2010, 90 per cent of all illegal aliens detained in the EU had entered through Greece. Detainees were often sent back to their point of entry to the European Union – usually Greece – but this practice has now been stopped.

With an official population of just 11 million, Greece now hosts a staggering 1 million illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. Nearly 130,000 people were detained last year attempting to enter Greece illegally. The financial and migrant crises are closely linked.

  1. Hi,
    I think this is a big problem in a lot of Country’s, I don’t feel proper checks are done here in OZ either. 😦
    It would be a real burden for Greece especially now that the country is broke.

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