Terrorist suspects freed

Their NSW counterparts are serving 23-28 years, but in Victoria, two terrorist suspects walk the streets.

Aimen Joud and Ahmed Raad

TWO Muslim extremists who were accused of plotting a deadly terrorist attack are back on Melbourne’s streets after being freed last week.

Police fear Aimen Joud and Ahmed Raad still pose a threat, as there is no sign their anti-Western beliefs changed in prison.

“Their radical and extreme views remain a concern,” one investigating officer said yesterday.

“While local police will be aware of where they are living, and will keep an eye on them when they can, there is not the manpower to do it constantly.”

  1. Hi,
    Surely people didn’t believe that prison was going to change them, as they say a leopard never changes it’s spots. 😦

    On another note, did you see this in the Herald Sun.
    “A THREE-MONTH review of expenses at News Ltd has found no evidence of illegitimate telephone surveillance or payments to public officials.”

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