The great “ClimateSmart” scam

Live in Queensland? Then it might be wise to check this out.

Barbaby-is-Right checks the fine print behind the glossy ad to see what people are really signing up for when they sign up to the QLD government’s ClimateSmart scheme.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • November 15th, 2011

    Much more interesting:


      • Puzzled
      • November 16th, 2011

      Hey JMH
      You a uke player?

      Nice Blog bingbing. Now bookmarked. I’ll try to drop in every once in a while.

      • Cheers, mate. Glad you found it.

    • elsie
    • November 15th, 2011

    This is a bit long. sorry.. I did know it was government-run as they rang us to offer the service. My husband (who is an accountant), decided to get it done as our electricity bill is about $800 a quarter and he hoped it would help to get advice to reduce it………

    The whole episode was hilarious. The qualified electrician(?) that came was a full-blooded African from Zimbabwe…….. He was a very nice polite young man even though not very electriciany, and he checked all the bathrooms and light fittings. All our showerheads are water saving already, and he gave me the green light bulbs to keep as all our lights have them anyway (You can’t buy the others at Coles anymore!) He filled a jug with hot water and took its temperature, which was 59 degrees.(65 degrees is the limit!) He was happy with that. He plugged in the 4 little remote controlled switches (all controlled by one remote control) on the TV, stereo and 2 computers. When I said it was much easier just to switch off the power manually, he said the remote was much better as I could switch off all four appliances at once, when I was in bed at night. (Huh?!!!) He told me always to cook in the microwave and NEVER on the stove. He said our cost problem was the swimming pool filter and hot water system and for a few thousand dollars we could put in solar panels and a gas powered hot water system and save a couple of hundred dollars a year……(my husband has decided as we are in the wrong end of old age, it will be cheaper to pay the couple of hundred dollars extra a year) 🙂

    After he left I could not get Foxtel or the TV to work at all, so I rang Climatesmart and furiously demanded that they send him back at once!…… (which they actually did) . I told him to take away the switches and put everything back the way it was. He did not look very happy but removed them and stacked them on a bookcase, replaced everything and left. We still have the monitor and every time the swimming pool filter comes on, the monitor blinks with red lights and an ear-piercing siren sounds for a few minutes. It is connected to the main powerboard and we may have to get someone to disconnect it. It is buried under a pile of cushions to muffle it at the moment…

    Well we have been scammed by the Queensland government. Not nice!

    • The speaker on that electronic pool boy is likely fragile… as is the monitor.

      • Sorry I didn’t get the info to you earlier.

          • elsie
          • November 16th, 2011

          Thanks for that…… 🙂 Maybe the Government runs a Poolsmart service too…(Only joking!) I think we will have to get the pool guys out to look at the filter.

    • Nicole
    • January 17th, 2012

    I’m so glad I read that.
    I got the call at 5:45pm this evening. I though, yes I want to save money in my power bill!
    I then told my partner and he was confused as to why they would call us an in the evening too. So I google surged it and CPUs this.
    I’ll be canceling the booking first thing tomorrow!!

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