Gillard 1: Bligh 0

In an all-too-rare good decision by PM Julia Gillard, she’s making way for Aussie uranium to be sold to India.

That would overturn the ban former PM Kevin Rudd enforced four years ago.

However, up in Queensland, Premier Anna Bligh has reaffirmed her NO stance to any uranium exploration and mining.

And when questioned about nuclear power in Australia, her citing of the ageing Fukushima plant, a plant that was opened to reporters yesterday, is nothing more than a cheap shot that would only convince a fool.

Comparing earthquake-prone Japan to Australia, the stablest chunk of rock on the planet, is not being sincere with her electorate.

Comparing a plant more than 30 years old to the latest fourth generation reactors is equally deceptive.

We should really take another look at uranium energy in Australia. Although more expensive than coal, it is far, far cheaper, and far more reliable than wind or solar – two methods which simply cannot produce enough baseload power for our cities.

If people are really so concerned about climate change and want their clean energy, then its uranium baby.


A heated debate at the annual ALP conference is expected.

Uranium shares are up (but haven’t recovered to pre-Fukushima levels yet).

    • Merilyn
    • November 15th, 2011

    Thanks bing, saw a comment on Piers blog who said it was John Howard who pulled the plug on India felt that was wrong and you have confirmed it. Yes it was Rudd.

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