Not an ammo dump?

You know, the Iranian “ammo dump” that blew up yesterday, killing their missile program’s big cheese?

An Iranian exile group claimed Saturday that a blast near Tehran hit a missile base run by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, disputing the Iranian government’s account that it occurred at an ammunition depot.

Interesting. We’ll likely never know but, of course. 😉

Iran’s gas pipelines and military installations have been hit by several mysterious blasts in recent years, and Tehran has accused the West of engaging in a campaign of sabotage and assassination against the regime.

Why would anyone want to sabotage Iran?


In other military news about governments we don’t really like…

China launched two satellites Wednesday as part of a decade-long rapid expansion of earth-monitoring capabilities that also buttress the country’s growing military prowess.

Yaogan-12, the primary cargo of the launch, is the twelfth model in a series of “remote sensing” satellites that many analysts believe are tasked with gathering military intelligence. China, which has never acknowledged a defense-related launch, claims that the satellite will be used for “scientific experiments, land survey, crop yield assessment, and disaster monitoring.”

Not for military purposes?

Yeah, right.

UPDATE (sorry, was about to knock off work, JM, and didn’t open these links)

Ze plot thickens…

Our sources report increasing evidence that the first explosion was caused by a failed effort to mount a possible nuclear warhead on a Shahab-3 intermediate-range missile.

Reports there of foreign engineers been taken to the military hospital (to avoid any embarrassing leaks) instead of a regular hospital.

But then there’s this…

US blogger Richard Silverstein said Saturday that Israel was the mastermind behind the blast the killed at least 17 people at an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps base near Tehran.

In his blog, Tikun Olam, Silverstein quotes an Israeli expert as saying that the Mossad was responsible for the explosion, in collaboration with the Iranian militant opposition group Mojahedin-e-Khalq.

One thing’s for sure. A bit of “ammo” exploding surely wouldn’t do that much damage and be heard and felt miles and miles away.

It’s all very James Bond.


Iran will have five nukes by April 2012. Only 2-3 months left for military option

Great site, JM. That, and Strategy Page, too (pity I can’t access SP at work though)

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