Climategate 2: the trick

Piece together some key emails from a few “leading” climate scientists and one finds a certain distinct narrative.

It is high time for the manmade climate change “consensus” to start backing up its claims by providing more substantiated evidence to the public, which will be cross-examined by other scientists with a mind to getting to the truth of the matter, rather than simply ratifying the preferences of their political backers. Such would spell the end of the manmade climate change “crisis,” which in any event has been dragging on for decades now, with no discernible apocalypse in sight.

That quote is from RogueOperator who notes a disturbing turn of phrase by the scientists who are supposedly at the forefront of global climate research.

The trick may be to decide on the main message and use that to guid[e] what’s included and what is left out.”

RogueOperator notes discussions on:

  • government involvement in creating supposedly independent scientific reports
  • in fact, their perceived necessity in helping create independent scientific reports
  • inconclusive (weak) data will require careful wording
  • politicians demand a clear, strong message from the scientists to push the political agenda [logic dictates this is in return for more funding – bing]
  • long-term worries over the science being hijacked and manipulated for political purposes [duh – bing]
  • the need for more alarmist evidence , but where is it?
  • questions over the quality of their own data
  • calls to reinforce their PR campaign

Oh, don’t worry. There’s more.


  1. The Ages, of course, knows nothing.

  2. Thanks, bing bing. This is just the tip of the non-melting iceberg. I will be going through the 5000+ emails, highlighting the most interesting, categorizing them, and then giving my smart ass observations on them.

    Stay tuned – after (American) Thanksgiving, of course.

    • Not a worry. The least I can do is link.

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