Child sex “normal”

It’s so sad, but because of fears of another so-called “stolen generation”, I fear whatever measures taken will be weak and ineffectual.

The Weatherill government yesterday tabled into state parliament two annual reports outlining the government’s progress in implementing recommendations from two child sexual abuse inquiries led by Ted Mullighan.

*sigh* Add one more to the long list.


  1. Essential reading on modern ethics and moral relativism:
    “It’s just wrong to judge other cultures!”

      • Carpe Jugulum
      • December 3rd, 2011

      I think i’ll let my good friend, Mr Brno 5 round pump action, judge rockspiders.

    • Ah, yes. Cultural differences.

  2. It wasn’t (as far as I know) sexual abuse, but early in the school year this year, one of the grade four kids came in with bruises, lumps and scratches on him.

    Turns out his dad had been beating the living crap out of him. Probably for the usual reason of frustration over money combined perhaps with alcohol.

    This kid totally withdrew. He’d just pull his jacket over his head and put it on the desk.

    After some time, he participated insofar as bugging the kid sitting next to him.

    He’s progressed now to being able to break a smile but he’s still wary if you even walk past him, and if you try saying anything to him, he just withdraws again.

    He’s gotten better but still hasn’t written a single English word in his textbook or notebook.

    This stuff has probably f*cked him up for life.

    A few weeks ago, I saw his homeroom teacher giving him a serious pep talk, but nothing is working.

    It breaks your heart.

    There’s nothing over here like the Child Services Dept. and the school is left with its hands tied.

    Korea’s still a long way behind with stuff like this.

    For example, the legal age of consent over here is 13. It might even technically be 11 because babies are one as opposed to zero when they’re born and your age goes up not on your birthday, but rather January 1st.

    What gets me is a lot of middle school and high school girls meet older men in Internet chatrooms for “help me”money.

    Actually banging the girl isn’t illegal but paying for it is as prostitution is illegal over here (but basically as illegal as marijuana is back home).

    How f*cked up is that?

    It couldn’t be worse, right?


    Take the case of a girl called “Na Young”, what happened to her, and the “punishment” the perpetrator received.

    Warning: this is not light reading.


    • PS Pity the school would never translate my advice to him which would be…

      Don’t worry, mate. In a few years from now, say five to eight, you’ll be able to get your payback and thump a good hard lesson into the asshole who beat you up as a kid.

      In the meantime, work hard at your studies so that you can properly capitalise on your sweet empowering revenge.

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