The ex-prostitute testifies

The corruption probe into former NSW energy minister Ian Macdonald (ALP) continues.


“After a long time a tall local Australian man came. This man was not young I cannot describe him well because the lights in the room were not bright. I know he was not handsome but believe he was very tall and strong.

“He told me I was tiny and I told him he was tall. A short time later we both got onto the bed and I removed all my clothes except my underwear.”

“I think he kept his clothes on an he then kissed me very roughly. I felt very reluctant to be kissed by him because I didn’t like him and he said something like “if you knew who I was you would be very surprised.”

Macdonald claims he was in the dimly lit five star hotel room for a remidial massage on his neck. “Tiffanie” claims there was no massage equipment in the room.

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