Android user? Check this. Download this.

So anyways, iPhonephile and reader JM Heinrichs (iPhone Special Ops [ret.]) has been “warning” without the slightest hint of gloatation about secret spyware on any android phones and even the possibility of them exploding in your nutsmuch like iPhones are wont to

Regardless, for those who value keeping Internet software open source as opposed to a closed cabal of software gangstas, there’s a decent app to download.

Sure the link was written by iPhone agents of bondage, but they were nice enough to direct the reader to an app called…

Any cut… that’s the name of the app.

JFTR, my android didn’t/doesn’t have this nasty James Bond software on it, so I’m led to suspect that all this is a little overblown.

But just in case, there are plenty of great, top notch and free android antivirus, antispyware, and antimalware apps available… as opposed to Apple of course which is all closed software.

Webroot is fantastic.

Does Apple have a TOR app?

= yes, they do too, so this whole privacy thing is being overblown.

Besides, we’ve lost it willingly already…

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