New Battlestation

Well, not really new. Just a new sound system.

In one sense, it’s worse. The 5.1 surround speakers have been replaced by 2.1. The RMS output of the subwoofer is about a third of the old one. Speaker RMS output has been halved.

However, I live in a small unit at the moment. The previous system had, to be honest, waaaaay too much power for the space it had to fill.

In my old apartment complex, you could hear it five stories down.

In my current unit block, it could (and did) permeate the entire building… with ease.

Also, this new system has a lot less cables.

Cables, albeit a bit messy despite one’s best efforts, were… a bit messy. Not a problem before but with the addition of one cat in particular, the speakers were continually being knocked off the desk.

That’s probably what did them in in* the end (surely not the volumes used!).

I won’t be able to do a complete test until Lady bingbing is out of the apartment, however initial signs are good.

Even at a relatively low volume, she complained within milliseconds. 🙂

Anyway, without further ado…

This humble corner of the world is where Gillard's BER started becoming all undone.

*had had is easy… in in not as much so

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • December 4th, 2011


    … isn’t the New Zealand flag supposed have red stars?


    • It is. Such a heartbreaking loss in that other guy’s hometown today…

      BTW, that sounded awesome on the new speakers…

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