No water for our dams eh, Flannery?

That’s what Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery predicted for Brisbane back in 2007.

Global warming, you see, that would even make the soil too hot (half the world’s comedians can’t do half as good a job as this bloke) to soak up the rain.

And what have we seen since?

We had the floods that occur from time to time a few months back that could have been better mitigated IMO if the government had kept our dams’ water level a little lower (but it was higher than usual because global warming was supposed to scorch the earth).

And now?

Brisbane is swapping silly season for a soggy one, with rain forecast to fall on the city almost every day in the next 28 days.

Weatherzone meteorologist Robert Wood said Brisbane was in for a soaking, with between 150mm and 200mm expected to fall between now and New Year’s Eve.

The wet weather would remain until at least January 3, according to its 28-day forecast.

Not that rain in Brisbane in summer is really news but it is when you juxtapose that to the good professor Tim Flannery.

    • elsie
    • December 6th, 2011

    I think Flannery, and Al Gore will have already signed up to the petition supporting this!

    Hot news from the Durban Climate Change conference (all I can say is to repeat WOW!):

    “Libyan geoengineering plans:

    Libya is wildly ambitious and clearly already trying to revolutionise thinking on climate change and science. It plans a monster geoengineering project that would not just cool the Earth by 6C and cut carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2021, it says, but would reverse global warming, provide power for 2 billion people, lower sea levels and restore the climate of 1750. Wow. How, you ask? Easily, says Muftah Elarbash, who describes himself as a Libyan environmental engineer who is on the delegation. He wants to build, at a cost of around $45 trillion, several dozen giant, 15km wide “venting towers” to create constant winds in the desert to drive massive windfarms which would then electrify the world. “Once that is done the maximum ambient temperature of 26.2C will be reached in 2020 – 6C below the catastrophic threshold temperature of 32″. He reckons that by 2080 the climate will be back to that seen in 1750. ”

    Google this! It’s true. You can even sign a petition from a western climate group to support the plan. We are living in the age of insanity!

    • Here’s a link for that, folks.

      Wow, only $45 trillion. And I suppose Libya would be paying for that?

      • Hi,
        Elsie that is hilarious, but it goes to show this guy has a lot of brains, if he manages to con them into giving him the money he is set for life, all he has to do is build the towers which won’t come anywhere near that amount of money. 😆

        Another note on Durban:
        The trance of big-government appointed prophets is so strong, skeptics such as Christopher Monckton and Craig Rucker (CFACT) are going to skydive into Durban to see if they can shake journalists out of their stupor.

      • The Wizard of WOZ
      • December 6th, 2011

      “Venting towers” (chimneys)? 15km wide? Constant winds driving massive windfarms?

      Venting what pray tell? Leftist environmental gobshite? Evil plant food?

      Whoever this man is, you’ve got to give him points for knowing how to push a leftys buttons: Zero CO2 emmissions, reverse gerbil worming, power 30% of the worlds population & reduce sea levels (think of the polar bears!).

      I mean, sure he’s been drinking the same kool aid as Gaddafi, but he’s obviously done his research. I predict Juliar will be flying him into Canberra for a summit before Christmas.

      Or he turns up on a boat from Indo. Same result really…

  1. I can beat that: for $44.5 trillion, I can promise that temperatures over the next century will fluctuate very slightly, but won’t rise very much, and sea levels will fluctuate a little, but won’t rise very much at all.
    Send gold rather than cheques, please.

      • The Wizard of WOZ
      • December 6th, 2011

      I’ll do it for $44.4 trillion. I’ll stick with the gold though…

      • 44.3

          • Merilyn
          • December 7th, 2011

          Bids eh? Just tell them you are from the ABC it will be no contest, you will be awarded the deal.

  2. Great links troops.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • December 7th, 2011

    So Brisbane is part of that green desert that someone spotted north of Perth?


    • mabba
    • December 7th, 2011

    Brisbane has just had its coldest December day for… I think they said 123 years…anyway, residents will confirm it was darn cool (17-19 C) – & wet to boot. Wet normal for Dec, cold not- either way, hardly hot & dry…

  3. Would have love a cold day in December when I lived there 1962-65 – enjoy it.

  4. I remember they hung on and hung on to that precious water until the dam was busting capacity.
    Would not allow farmers to irrigate, least on on Warrill that runs into the Bremer then Brisbane. I know as my brother ran a dairy farm, paid his taxes so these Curs can live off the fat of the land.,

    • They reacted to genuine concerns that proved to be baseless. Best they could do is admit their false assumption and rectify it.

      Thank goodness the eco-mania didn’t go to their heads as much as it did in Melbourne, however. Those poor bastards are paying $24 billion for a desal plant they don’t even need.

  5. Does the Gold Coast need a De-Sal plant that was put in mothballs. The Gov. site says all is fine not saying cost is over one point two billion dollars or not.. Courier Mail has it it Moth Balls, no doubt the State is being pilfere left right an center by the Bligh Gov. & anyone that has nerve to try when Health Department cannot check cruentials of employees.

    Now they have built it they have to justify the expense..


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