Wrong, Combet

Climate Change minister Greg Combet chooses to define a bunch of jet setting, stage dancing idiots wasting our tax dollars coming to essentially zero agreement – less than the OWS mob – as some kind of success.

CLIMATE Change Minister Greg Combet believes UN climate change talks are making good progress even though a comprehensive agreement will not be reached in Durban. Mr Combet, who is attending the talks in South Africa, said delegates were trying to think of the best way forward for an ultimate deal.

“But having said that, there’s also a lot of important building blocks being worked over in considerable detail,” he told ABC Radio today.

“There’s good progress being made on that front.”

A gigantic waste of money. No solution for a problem that doesn’t even exist anyway.

Spare us the platitudes, Greg.

  1. Might be some blog fodder for ye:

    Obama & The UN’s New Green Scheme – An International Banksters’ Wet Dream: http://wp.me/p1a0cT-2dp

    Five Quadrillion Metric Tons of BS2: MSM’s 2010 Most Manmade Carbon Emissions EVER Meme: http://wp.me/p1a0cT-2d6

    The Climategate Chronicles: Emails Speak for Themselves: http://wp.me/p1a0cT-2cQ

    • Good stuff. Cheers.

      Click those links party peeps.

  1. December 7th, 2011

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