Hey, teacher! Leave them kids alone!

Finally, some ammo for our kids being “taught” climate change rubbish in our schools.

FORMER Prime Minister John Howard has launched a controversial book teaching students to be climate change sceptics.

Climate change sceptic Ian Plimer’s book “How to Get Expelled from School: A Guide to Climate Change for Pupils, Parents and Punters” arms children with 101 questions to challenge their teachers.

You know, if the alarmist position was so tenable, why do they constantly have to resort to trickery?

The latest example?

Frozen Planet’s eight million devoted fans will not take kindly to being left out in the cold. It emerged yesterday a key scene from the hit BBC series showing a polar bear tending her newborn cubs was filmed in a zoo using fake snow.

Mixing real Arctic shots with zoo scenes, documentary makers fooled the audience into believing the footage was gathered by intrepid cameramen in the brutal sub-zero wilderness.


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    • rogerthesurf
    • December 13th, 2011

    Making the playing field level I would say. For example, a top private school here has a 350 club. If I had a child there I would have pulled him or her pretty promptly I tell you.




  1. Hi,
    At last some sense being spoked, I thought it was great that John Howard went to the book launch.
    I miss having a PM that talked sense and was not an embarrassment o/seas. (sigh)

    • Merilyn
    • December 14th, 2011

    When I went to school, [yes I know that was a long time ago] but on every subject you had the ‘for’and “against”, and you had to put in a topic on both sides, it seems with this Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever name they are giving it today only one side was put up and other thoughts were not permitted. So it is time that another side has been put, hope students read the book.

    You have to ask though, when did the system change? Whose idea was it not to permit both sides of the debate?

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