Should never have cosied up to them in the first place

The sooner the UK breaks its ties with the EU, the better IMO.

EUROPEAN Union leaders have already begun plotting their revenge on Britain after the collapse of the Brussels treaty shake-up, it emerged last night.

Senior figures in Brussels plan to use the powerful voting majority of the new eurozone “fiscal union” bloc to gang up on the UK.

Some are calling for a deluge of new regulations and red tape to be imposed on British business.

Others are even calling for Britain to be driven out of Europe altogether.

Via JM who notes, “… and in turn. the City of London will kill the external Euro trade.”

Here’s wishing them the best of luck.

The Europeans are angry that the UK didn’t back their new treaty to save the Euro zone. That treaty has been described as “half-baked” by those closer to the crisis over there.

The people who drafted it? “Blithering idiots.”

And as the Eurozone banking system teeters “on the edge of collapse”, the smart money is quietly shifted to Germany.

Thanks, JM.


      • J.M. Heinrichs
      • December 14th, 2011

      A more fun song:


    • True that. Thank ze Germans for the Nurburgring and leave it at that.

      Speakers on, boys.

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