So it’s all going down with QLD health

I know, I know, I should have picked up on this at least two days ago. The perils of a Bolt in Melbourne, a Blair in Sydney and a bingbing in Korea.

Anyway, QLD Premier Anna Bligh has had enough and is completely disbanding QLD Health.

Premier Anna Bligh today announced plans to abolish Queensland Health to create the new beginning health services in Queensland need.

Under the plan, Queensland Health will become two separate entities:

  1. A Hospitals and Health Care Agency (delivering through front line health networks) to focus on managing the hospital system, continuing Queensland’s record breaking waiting list reductions and delivering more services for Queenslanders
  2. A Health Services Support Agency to provide corporate services including finance, HR and ICT.

Ms Bligh said the theft of an estimated $16 million, with large sums of money missing undetected for a number of years, was the final chapter in the life of the ailing agency.

“Queensland Health as we know it is over,” said Premier Bligh.

On that $16 million:

AN investigator and two finance chiefs have been stood down after a public servant allegedly fleeced $16 million from Queensland Health.
The three senior health officials have been removed from their posts, on full pay, pending further investigations into how the fraud went undetected, despite a health department investigation last year.

The three are: The General Manager of Finance, the Systems Manager (Finance Solutions) in Finance Branch, and the Manager of Assessments in the Ethical Standards Unit.

The move comes a day after Joel Morehu-Barlow, 36, was charged with one count of defrauding Queensland Health of $11 million.

Read on. Wow. Just wow. How could they have let it come to this?

As far as I can tell, the NSW Right-cum-federal cancer on the ALP hasn’t metastasised to QLD, yet Labor and Bligh are still on the nose there with complaints about a lack of will to deal with incompetent ministers (partisan link), they botched the floods but then recovered very well (dams were too full over baseless Flanneristic drought scares but Bligh made Gillard look like a novice in the aftermath), and the LNP (Liberal National Party) are streaking ahead in the polls with former Brisbane Mayor, Campbell Newman (at one stage he held the highest Liberal political office in the country if you’ll remember), leading the charge.

Seriously, the latest QLD poll shows an even greater gap than in the federal polls – 62-38.

H/T dogpolitics

  1. Hi,
    Queensland Health has been a mess for years, so many bosses, too many compared to the actual staff that do the work. The system has been rorted for years. The only reason Capt. Bligh decided to bite the bullet was because at last a journalist finally found something and got it printed in the paper. Trust me I know that place well.

    All the stuff ups with the pays over the last 2 years alone should of seen action taken, but no, nothing until this latest bit of news. Labor have got QLD into more debt than the state can handle. We lost our AAA rating and are paying heaps in interest now, and QLD is now $84 Billions Dollars in debt. Yes B for Billions, there is just over 4 and half million people in the state, take out the kids, and I’m not sure how many are working, but it’s a lot of money that has to be paid back. Just more of Labors stuff ups. But people keep putting them back in power.

    Sorry for the raving on, but I feel better. 😀

    • Not at all. Everybody loves a good rant.

  2. I hadn’t heard that poll: 62-38! Do you have a source?

    • Eek. The post had a bit of an old link. Anyway crikey has Nov. 20 poll. Just google ‘queensland galaxy poll’.

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