And next: Where’s my Sharia?


Seriously, you come to my country – illegally – and just demand a house and visa???

Worst thing is is that they get it, like we can keep pulling “free” houses out of our proverbial any time we like.

No job required.

Try that shit on almost anywhere else in the world, and you’ll be shown the door.

And rightly so.

It’s, it’s…

Imagine just rocking up wherever you liked and just getting a free house and money (welfare).

It’s off the charts.

“Hi. You don’t know who I am – coz I spent around 50 thousand going from country to country only to throw my documents overboard – but anyway, gimme a house. Gimme some money. In return, I’ll trash your country, maybe try and kill some of your soldiers. I’ll also breed like a rabbit, paid for by you, with the end goal being I’ll turn your country into the shithole I came from. For all this, I’ll label you a racist and cut your fucking head off the first chance I get.”

Yeah. That’s sustainable. Can’t see any problems there.

Thanks, Merilyn.


    • Carpe Jugulum
    • December 18th, 2011

    And you wonder why i’m trying to get a working visa in Japan, this shit isn’t tolerated there.

      • Merilyn
      • December 19th, 2011

      Might just have to join you Carpe, or take refuge here at Kae’s/Tizona for the Summer until Bolt gets back, Tim’s blog has been overtaken by trolls.

    • elsie
    • December 19th, 2011

    So depressing! ………I made a remark on this subject to a lefty friend and he called me an “Islamophobic christo-fascist” I cannot understand how people like him champion people who desire the most totalitarian regime possible, and want to bring it it here. (he is no longer a friend by-the way!)

    I have given up on AB’s blog. I replied to his Christmas message, just wishing him and his family a happy Christmas, I trawled through 13 pages and over 300 comments, to see if it appeared but it was not there. I don’t know what I did to make the mods totally excommunicate me.

      • Merilyn
      • December 19th, 2011

      elsie, I only put up two posts for the entire year over at AB’s blog, usually stay with Tim and Pier’s, Kae’s, James’s, Tizona and Paco’s, with occasional visits elsewhere, but the trolls who are normally at AB’s blog are now invading Tim’s blog.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • December 19th, 2011

      G’day Elsie, you are so right, it is depressing.

      The entire Arab world seems to be in complete turmoil at this moment in history. From the outside, I find it hard to understand what on earth is going on, as it can be confusing at times trying to understand who’s who in this particular zoo. The ‘Arab Spring’ looks more like a nightmare with each passing day.

      This morning , for example, I was horrified to see this footage coming out of Cairo.
      Warning: Women being savagely beaten

      On the one hand, I feel so helpless to watch people being treated so abhorrently; which makes me feel like I want to help in some way. On the other, I can not understand how people can be so cruel and violent in the first place; leaving me feeling very wary with major trust issues as a result. I can understand sane people wanting to flee oppression like this, but then we end up with the violent types on our own shores and in our own courts when they get here claiming they are the oppressed.

      It seems to me the tyranny has to be stopped and the only way will inevitably be to meet violence with violence, ie War. Whatever the outcome, Australia really should take a firm stance on the issue and demand these people sort out their problems at home and pledge to NEVER, EVER, allow this mindset to enter our own boarders. Running away from problems never helps anyone.

      And where are the UN and the Human Rights organisations? Worrying about the weather ain’t going to fix these terrible problems in the world.

      Anyway, I am sorry to hear you have lost a friend, Elsie. If he feels like he can call you names like “Islamophobic christo-fascist”, just say “yep, that’s right” knowing all the while you are on the side of good, not evil. Christianity is about respect, peace and love in today’s world. Islam is used as a tool of violence and is simply not compatible with our way of life. Sharia Law is a cancer we must eradicate from all civilizations.

        • elsie
        • December 19th, 2011

        Thanks for the moral support ,Sean. I was also horrified at the Egyptian footage. To me the Arab Spring is a step backwards in time and very worrying. I don’t miss my friend as he has annoyed me for ages ! He considers himself an intellectual… everything Labor does or says is perfect, but Tony Abbot and the Libs are the epitome of evil. No loss—- he is a twit!

        • You were friends with David Marr???

          • Winston Smith
          • December 20th, 2011

          Some intellectual, Elsie. It’s ‘Crypto Fascist.”
          Defined as someone who does Fascist things but refuses the label.

      • The entire Arab world seems to be in complete turmoil at this moment in history.

        Since Mohammed got control of Medina, when hasn’t the Arab world been a pit of head lop offery?

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • December 19th, 2011

      BTW: Bolta’s Blog was taken over by Lefty legal boffins earlier this year, in terms of moderation (Andrew admitted this in print and on the radio). I think certain individuals, yours truly included, are now on a ‘blacklist’ of some sort. Lefty trolls seem to say whatever they like and be as offensive as they feel appropriate and are still published on his blog.

      In contrast, good people like yourself can not even say ‘Merry Xmas’ to all anymore (which was once one of the most endearing qualities of Bolta’s Blog). Bolta’s opinions and stories are still worthwhile, but the very people who helped make Bolt so popular are now being shunned. Debate is not allowed. The behaviour will eventually come back to bite Bolta in terms of his popularity and that is exactly what the moderators are aiming for, in my humble opinion. Just look at the numbers on each of his posts these days, they are well down on past years performance.

      Freedom of Speech is certainly under attack. This will change after the next election. I am hoping the Coalition decide to make this a mandate issue for their upcoming election campaign; as it is fundamental to our democracy.

      Bolt would be wise to become ‘freelance’, in my opinion. So he can take back control of his own hard work. The problem at the moment, for him personally, is who would pay the legal fees to defend his position when he is attacked for daring to say what he feels?

      • The problem at the moment, for him personally, is who would pay the legal fees to defend his position when he is attacked for daring to say what he feels?

        Nailed it.

          • Merilyn
          • December 19th, 2011

          Found these words on Andrew Bolt’s blog rather strange, “Thank you. Goodbye.” It is almost as though he is telling everyone he will not be back to blogging next year. Maybe I’m reading more into it then what it implies.

            • Sean of Deer Park
            • December 19th, 2011

            It crossed my mind, too, Merilyn. The same words appeared on the front page and final addition of ‘News of the World’.

    • Merilyn
    • December 20th, 2011

    Chris Bowen is even more childish then one thought.

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