What? No teleprompter?

The announcement of Kim Jong-il’s death.

Via reader JM and Ed Driscoll.

When Lady Bingers gets home, I’ll hit her up for a translation.

Can’t promise she’ll be up to it.

Regardless. No teleprompter?

Nork newsreader 1. Obama 0

OK, jokes aside, two important links.

Growing up in a Nork gulag.

On that missile test which to me just said that they’re saying everything is in order.

  1. Hi,
    What an amazing story about the prison camps in North Korea, he was very lucky to have escaped, and now he has written a book, it is just amazing.
    To think what this poor guy has gone through, and yet he has grown to be an exceptional person.

    Our court system that lets kids off just because they haven’t a Father living with them or they have had a “tuff” life, really need to read the above article.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • December 21st, 2011

    And about the Respected Comrade:


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