We did mention it… once or twice

Attention, Lefties:

When the Right sounds alarm bells it isn’t merely because we want to destroy you.

There actually is some good reason behind our objections. It’s not actually tit for tat per se.

It’s for your betterment as well as ours.

Call it humanity.

For instance, we on the Right saw the idea of a single Euro currency as a bad idea.

Turns out it was.

Just look at Europe now. It’s in financial meltdown. Hardly democratic. Riots abound. And the French are sucking up to the Germans.

This shouldn’t come as a shock.

You were warned.

We saw lax immigration policies as a bad idea.

Turns out it was.

It would cost billions and result in hundreds dead.

This isn’t rocket science.

You were warned.

Opening your eyes now and stating that you should have been more, er, courageous, is a step but not a solution.

Now take stock and take heed of our Global Warming warning.

H/T spotty

  1. December 22nd, 2011

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