Well, it’s a step, I guess

But why not seize the day and get rid of the useless, expensive, inefficient eyesores that are wind farms completely?

NSW has proposed what it says are some of the world’s toughest wind-farm guidelines, giving people living within 2km of turbines the right to veto them.

However Planning and Infrastructure Minister Brad Hazzard said NSW remained committed to being part of the federal government’s 20 per cent renewable energy target by 2020.

Imagine if that happened in the Australian bush.

    • Merilyn
    • December 23rd, 2011

    If that happens here [god forbid] wonder if the Greens will aknowledge that these wind machines are a mistake?

    • It’s not a question of if, but sadly a question of when.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • December 23rd, 2011

      A snow flakes chance in Hell; would pretty much sum up the answer to that one, Merilyn.

      Remember, “tragedies happen, accidents happen”; or says Hanson-Young. The ‘vibe’ is more important than the reality.

      It’s odd to think in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s; Greenies would have been appalled at the aesthetic ugliness of wind turbines on the environment. The Greens, the very same mob who complained about Mobile Telephone Towers because of their ugliness and health concerns. Now they want thousands upon thousands of Turbines whirring around, annoying the neighbours and generally being a blight on the landscape. How times have changed

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