This kind of shit burns even more when you actually live over here

North Korea is an abomination.

Too angry to comment further.


OK, just one.

Romanticising a system – communism – that has split a nation’s soul in two gives a whole new meaning to the word, “offensive”.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • December 27th, 2011

    Meh, it’s Simon Winchester; he thinks that Eric Hobspawn went a little too far, but only just a little. He’s a science guy who had to turn to writing pop stuff because his efforts as a geologist didn’t work out.


    • Carpe Jugulum
    • December 27th, 2011

    This comment from the link sums it up best.

    “So apparently a brutal, warmongering totalitarian police state and massive food insecurity is a small price to pay for having to put up with relatively less consumerist kitch in downtown Pyongyang. Right.”

    Although i would add that a regime that allows its people to starve whilst they the self appointed ruling class grow fat, a regime that can’t even supply electricity to its citizens and stops its own population from becoming prosperous by its own paranoia needs to end, soon.

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