In Spain the rain falls mostly in disdain

Spain was arguably the world’s leader in pushing for a Green economy. They’re the ones who have that gargantuan solar panel mirror thingy, for example.

So, how’s it all going?

The overall unemployment rate is in the mid-20s, industrial production and services activity have both cratered, construction indicators like cement consumption have been devastated after doubling between 1998 and 2007, retail is in a free fall, and export growth (most of which go to Europe) is falling is slowing.


Cant wait until July 1st when Aussie PM Julia Gillard’s carbon tax kicks in.

No worries. In case you missed it, living expenses are set to increase a minimum $4000 per year in 2012 thanks to the Gillard government.

Via JM Heinrichs


More trouble in Italy?

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