Only play this for the 7:47 mark

Because Mexicans piss me off.

But Mexicans are only a product of coke-snorting Americans like Bill Clinton and George Bush.

They’re not lazy. In simple terms, the state may have lost the drugs war, but the continent has won.

Bring on a drug-free NAFTA.


    • Sean of Deer Park
    • January 13th, 2012

    Hey Binger’s, just got a chance to turn this on. 1st track brings back memories, 2nd – well yeah the Mexican thing. From there, YAY!!! I loves it so far. Very early naughties house. Perfect. Thanks for the link, downloading as I type. I have a lot of this on CD, a double called “Mint” springs to mind; although this is a smooth mix and well worth keeping. Just edit out the second track. I’m glad you put this up as I wouldn’t normally look for it as I have so much of this stuff on CD. Mostly, I listen to the stuff I’ve downloaded and don’t bother with the CD collection.

    I’ve been searching high and low for an old track from around 2000 but cant remember the name or artist. Something like “dueling synthesisers, bass battle, or some such situation. 😆 It’s so hard when you have a track in your head and cant find it. Argh!

    I have some time tonight, so am looking forward to your FNPM.

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