Steady on

OK, so Tim Blair reports today that the global warming war is over.*



Not just because of a lack of media reportage, but also that it’s cold in Melbourne in summer.

Despite being 39C the other day, Melbournians are now having to crank their heaters as snow molly coddles the edges of the city.

In summer.


How can this possibly be seen as a win for the “sceptic” mob?

It’s summer and there’s snow.

In Australia.

I’ll be very surprised if the Al Gore goon squad don’t jump all over this like black plague fleas jump on your tasty ratburger.

They will say that this is that mythological tipping point they’ve been scaring the crap out of children with for years.

And now they have their proof.

Rather than celebrate…


All this, however, will not freeze my hot juicy… my Bacon Castle.

*Tell that to school kids still being made to scribble global warming posters.

What I think is the most brilliant lesson here is that, yes, climate changes. It gets cold sometimes. I gets hot sometimes. And thank fuck people who are better than you or me (it’s “me”, not “I”) came up with heaters and air-conditioners…

…Lest you freeze or melt your dumb ass whilst hugging a Prius or any other dumbass fingerbang-the-planet vehicle…

…That blows chunks on cue.

  1. Hi,
    I also didn’t see this as a win for the skeptics unfortunately. The only thing we have on our side is that the warmest keep insisting we need this stupid carbon tax to stop the world from warming. They contradict themselves over and over again.

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