Our Father, Obama

You know, Obi, the last bloke who likened himself to “the Father”, well, let’s just say things didn’t turn out so swimmingly.

Now unless you actually do have sons (unlikely), saying shit like this makes you come across as an egotistical socialist douchebag, just like it did with the last guy.

“The first bill I signed — a bill that said that we’re going to have equal pay for equal work because I want my daughters treated the same way as my sons.”

It need not matter that the current GOP primaries contenders are merely attacking each other rather than also attacking Obama.

He’s doing a good enough job of that himself.

*Many teleprompters died to bring us this information.*

Via JM Heinrichs who notes, “Obama is not at all smart/articulate.”

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • January 14th, 2012

    Way O/T, but the local mob put on a handsome showing vs the tourists at the nearest flash paddock today: http://wwos.ninemsn.com.au/cricket/scorecard.aspx?matchid=3&seriesid=2641&livematch=true&comment=false&livematch=true&rf=true

    I’d like to say it was due to our superior tactical expertise, but honestly, after having seen what some of these guys had for breakfast, (what kind of man has an egg white omelette for breakfast? I dont care if you worship cows or not); We were always in with a chance.

    When you’ve some pissed up bogan like me sniggering at you as you order breakfast, One imagines your concentration may not be where you would wish it to be.

    Alas, and with much respect to my esteemed mates, we were unable to be ejected (amazingly) this afternoon. Not through lack of effort on their behalf I can assure you.

    • elsie
    • January 14th, 2012

    Interesting review of a book on the Obamas, especially Michelle, in “The New Yorker”:


    I like her “stinky and snorey” in the mornng, description.. IMO he is like that most of the time!

      • J.M. Heinrichs
      • January 16th, 2012

      1. It was humourous, except for the bit where the wife of the President of the United States like to tell stories about her husband which illustrate his incompetence.

      2. On the other hand, Mrs Obama is pretty much in ditzy blonde territory: no sense of self-control, no sense of discretion, no sense of style, no sense of colour, no music sense, and the general air of flat-footed gracelessness epitomised by the “stubble-jumper”. And her ankles are rather Clintonesque.


    • mabba
    • January 24th, 2012

    Not on topic, BUT…

    If I go to the Tizona blog, & then click on ‘bingbing’ on the RHS column, this message comes up over the Tizona page:
    “Stop running this script?
    A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive.
    YES NO ”

    I click on ‘YES’, but the problem remains (have done this for several days now). The Tizona blog remains ok & is up to date, (a good one today from ‘frolickingmole’) but this is the last blog from you, Jan 13, (which I can access at wordpress.com)

    Have you posted since 13 Jan? Is there a problem re Tizona?

      • Merilyn
      • January 25th, 2012

      mabba, think bing is having quality time with Ladybing, which is good, and chilling out.

      • Indeed, Merilyn. On vacation again and a 42″ plasma isn’t going to watch itself.

        The only thing that stirred me to even use the computer was watching that Australia Day disgrace on CNN.

        • Sean of Deer Park
        • January 28th, 2012

        Glad to read your okay and having some down time, Binger’s. Hope your back if feeling a bit better. Also hope Lady Bing is getting lots of foot rubs and being well looked after.

        Perhaps you can pop up an open thread and we can all go-to-town with interesting little snippets to keep you entertained.

        What you’ll need:
        1x Open Thread
        1x Comfy Couch
        1x 42″ Plasma
        1x PC (plugged into said Plasma)
        1x Speaker System

        Example of said entertainment:

        [b]The Curious Case and Cause of Gingerella’s Missing Shoe.[/b]

        Ever wondered why Gillard waddles like a duck? Read on.

        Following the high drama of events involving the PM this Australia Day, I somehow noticed the moment Julia lost her shoe; captured here in photograph for prosperity and posted in this instance at “The Punch”.

        Zoom in on Julia’s foot and the blue suede shoe. The photograph captures the moment Gillard’s shoe comes off on the stairs. Gillard stumbling, security grasping; and Abbott coming to her aid.

        On closer inspection of the photo, I noticed something unusual. Look at Gillard’s right foot. Am I imagining things? The women has no toe’s! No wonder her shoe fell off. Her right leg has a left foot. The poor woman has a disability.

        (And don’t go thinking I have a foot fetish)

        I’m hoping for a vote of no confidence this week when parliament resumes; and a March election to follow. Wishful thinking.

        PS. I’m chuffed. I received an Australia Day award from Brimbank Council for my nomination for citizen of the year. Very honored, I was. Now I have another dust collector to put on the wall. Proud Aussie sitting here right now. (*polishes own badge*) 😆

    • mabba
    • January 25th, 2012

    Thanx Merilyn. Also, thanx to Frol’mole & friends on Tizona, have solved problem (right click, then ‘open new tab/window’). Windows must have updated or something- don’t really unnerstand, but no matter- besides, QLD silly season has really lashed out, & I don’t just mean the weather- our Blight has finally called the election (24 Mar)- flood report delay (16 Mar) will be really interesting, thanx to ‘The Oz’ sleuthing critical emails- local govts hopping mad, being pushed out to Apr 28 instead of Mar 31- why so late for them?

  1. Did you need some money to keep blogging? It’s been a few weeks since your last post.

    By the way, what I like from your blog is keeping track on the Envirotrash and the music jams. Keep up the good work!

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • January 30th, 2012

      I know! Tis a bit quiet around these parts lately.

      It’s so empty, without Bing.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • January 30th, 2012

      An ode to BB’s days off…

      Is there really gonna be another Ferris Bueller movie, or is the Superbowl having us on?

    • Aww shucks. Cheers, boys.

    • Merilyn
    • January 30th, 2012

    Something for you to read when you have a moment.



    • Sean of Deer Park
    • January 30th, 2012


      • Merilyn
      • January 30th, 2012

      Here is some more from Bolt.


      Sean did you notice that Christine Milne has reverted back to her nasty self?

      It’s ok bing, we will just converse amongst ourselves, you and Ladybing go on resting.

    • Merilyn
    • January 31st, 2012

    Are the ALP really that daft, that they would bring back Rudd? A man who spends money like water, is rarely in Australia, as he pursues his dream of getting a seat on the UN, and a man who thinks nothing of seeking revenge on those he thinks have slighted him?


    • Sean of Deer Park
    • January 31st, 2012

    This is what a Prime Minister sounds like…

    Bring on the election.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • January 31st, 2012

    Watch this space:

    Kathy Jackson interview:

    It could all be over for the ALP by the end of next week if Thompson goes down.
    Fingers crossed everybody.

    • Merilyn
    • February 1st, 2012

    My, my, my, this is getting some legs on it now.


    It doesn’t matter how Julia plays this, she is now very much tainted as is her office.

    With thanks to Comrade Bill on Piers blog.

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