Back on deck

Because I’m back at work and it’s so much easier blogging when in “work mode”. Thanks for all those links guys (for the uninitiated, check recent comments [headlines] as of 1/Feb/12 in the Obama thread below).

Have been keeping abreast of recent events (read: Australia Day race riots) ever since I saw the ugly scenes splashed across CNN. As most reading this will know, the excellent Andrew Bolt has been all over this like cankles on a ranga.

For our American readers (FOAR), this is turning out to be something akin to Australia’s Watergate except the action has been sped up. Member(s) of the PM’s Office have been busted inciting a race riot (that threatened the very safety of the Opposition Leader and ironically the PM, too) based on false assertions of what the Opposition Leader said about a bunch of squalid tents parked on the lawn of Old Parliament House AKA the Aboriginal Tent Embassy – a largely obsolete, fringe group relic lingering on from the far-poorer race relations of 40 years ago. The word got out that the Opposition Leader said it should be torn down. What he actually said was we should move on from the race relations of 40 years ago… slight difference.

(FOAR) This could well go all the way to the top i.e. the PM herself. The PM’s Office’s latest attempt to blame the Opposition Leader for every government failing – of which there are many – and portray the Opposition Leader as a racist (he isn’t, heck, he does volunteer work in remote Aboriginal communities [no cameras, either]) has failed spectactularly.

It blew up in their face better than a hard-boiled rotten egg re-heated in the microwave.

Anyway, I’m off to catch up on yesterday’s radio segment featuring Andrew Bolt and Steve Price chatting with the bloke who broke this whole story in the first place, the tenacious Ray Hadley.

If it wasn’t for him (and his first source) , the PM could well have gotten away with all this…

See you soon (as in later today with any luck), folks, and thanks again for all those links.

(Apologies to JM who has emailed many, too. I did read the headlines…)

    • Merilyn
    • February 1st, 2012

    Ah you are back, was just bringing another article over, that I just saw on Piers blog, put up by JHos, quite interesting.

    Hope you and Lady bing had a good break, bing, it does you good to chill out and refresh your brain and body.

    • Bilderberg again. That stuff… Bohemian Grove, Club of Rome, Illuminati, Area 51 etc. etc. etc….

      If only the world were that organised, lol! I’ve looked at it a million times, MW. I wouldn’t buy into it too much.

      I much prefer one I saw on TV just the other day: the moon is actually hollow and is really a spaceship/alien observation base, kind of like the Death Star in Star Wars.

      Catch my drift?

        • Merilyn
        • February 1st, 2012

        Never heard of them [yes I know my education is sadly lacking], so thanks for the lesson, Sir.

          • J.M. Heinrichs
          • February 1st, 2012

          You might be further amused:

          … both of which are seen as more progressive than the ‘Bilderbergers’, and thus less offensive.


            • Merilyn
            • February 2nd, 2012

            Thank you J.M. interesting about Davos, Judith Sloan from Catallaxy Files has just been there.


            Thank you Rogueoperator and bing for further information.

            • Found it. For some reason it was in the spam bin. WP does that occasionally.

      • Agree with bing bing. Think of it as centrifugal/centripetal forces and the egoism and greed of the narcissistic pricks has a lot to do with the latter. Russia, China, they don’t want to be anybody’s fools. The multinational looters just want to stick it to the U.S., Britain, France, Australia, etc. and get the doe-eyed liberals to collect for them.

      • Yeah. The “Bilderberg Group” as it is informally known (because the first meeting took part at the Bilderberg hotel) does exist. Those people in the video really did attend the summit/conference/get-together and they really are rich and powerful people.

        But to extrapolate all those competing forces into a singular-minded “global elite” just doesn’t bear any rational or logical merit.

        Think about it. Husbands and wives can’t even agree on a lot of things.

        How are hundreds of people all with various vested (and often competing) interests going to do so?

      • Merilyn
      • February 2nd, 2012

      Hmmm ok mustn’t be able to put up a link to Catallaxy files. So will say thank you J.M. and just say Re Davos Judith Sloan has just been there.

      Thank you rogueoperator and bing for futher lessons.

      • Can’t see why a Catallaxy link wouldn’t work…

    • mabba
    • February 1st, 2012

    Yeah, we owe a lot to Ray Hadley- he’s been a bit overlooked in the credits, IMHO.

    Hope you had a very refreshing holiday.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • February 1st, 2012

    Welcome Back.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • February 1st, 2012

    Konbanwa Bing


    Carpe & Lady Jugulum

    • Ahnyonghasayo!

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