Pot kettle black

Andrew Bolt nabs Communications minister Stephen Conroy over his latest hypocrisy: the Left’s foul cries for tougher media laws because, shock horror, a probable-righty wants to buy up a stake in a certain media organisation.

In fact, of all the proprietors I’ve mentioned, it’s [The Monthly and The Quarterly Essay owner] Schwartz who strikes me as the most interventionist of them all. He’s been editor-in-chief and on the editorial board of his magazine, yet that direct editorial influence by a rich Leftist media boss does not bother the Left that’s now enraged that the free-marketer Rinehart should be trying to have less than 15 per cent of Fairfax – a vastly smaller share that what Stokes has of Seven.

Read the lot.

    • mabba
    • February 1st, 2012

    The sooner /the more Gina buys up the better. The only possible way is up.

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