Romney landslide in Florida GOP primaries

Ouch: 47 to Newt Gingrich’s 32.

Not that it mattered if the margain hadn’t been so high. Romney could have won by just 1 per cent because since Florida is a winner-takes-all state, he still would have received all 50 Florida delegates’ votes.

He’s still a long way off the magical 1144 delegates needed (of a total of 2286) to secure the GOP presidential nomination – he’s on 66 – and with 2177 delegates still to show their collective hand, I guess it’s no surprise Gingrich has vowed to fight on.

Can Romney beat Obama? Do I even want Romney to be the GOP candidate and/or beat Obama?

How the heck should I know?

But what I do know is that he’s already severely hampered by a MSM that simply won’t report at any decent measure the many short-comings of the Obama administration.

Take the rose-coloured glasses off, kids.

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