Going, going…

Oh, just get it over with already.

”She needs a flawless three months,” the factional boss said of Ms Gillard. ”Her danger zone is between Queensland and the budget.”

Mr Crean, Bill Shorten and Stephen Smith have all been cited as contenders to keep out Mr Rudd should Ms Gillard’s leadership become terminal.

A Crean backer has begun canvassing support. But sources on both sides concede any contest will be between Ms Gillard and Mr Rudd in the end.

One senior source said the many MPs who have drifted away from Ms Gillard over the summer are ”parked in the unknown”.

How can the PM possibly survive? At least one member – and likely more – of her office has been busted for inciting a dangerous race riot based on a false assertion that Opposition leader Tony Abbott said he wanted the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra torn down.

The Opposition leader and indeed the PM herself were put in considerable physical danger not seen for years.

He didn’t he wanted the tent embassy torn down, however. He said we should move on from the ugly race politics of 40 years ago.

And then, of course, we have the Craig Thomson affair – a bloke who is effectively propping up this minority government, and yet a Fair Work Australia investigation into allegations he misused $100,000 in Health Services Union credit card funds, including using said funds to pay for prostitutes, has dragged on for almost three years, longer than some Royal Commissions.

Speaking on the ABC’s 7.30 last night Ms Jackson [she’s the current HSU boss – bing] revealed she had “suspicions” Labor had interfered in the Fair Work Australia investigation into the HSU.

We have no proof, of course – yet – but seriously? Three years???

And to think, there’s no dispute that the funds were withdrawn. There’s no dispute that funds were used to pay for prostitutes. And the signature on the receipts looks strikingly like Thompson’s.

And yet Thomson says he’s innocent BUT hasn’t come out and said he was set up.

That’s the level of respect this government has for the people of Australia.

No, wait. Actually it’s lower.

Here’s Communications Minister Stephen Conroy (from the link above), the bloke I blogged about yesterday, who has no problems with rich Leftists owning publications, but when it comes to a non-Leftist owning even a sizeable fraction of a publication, he starts wailing for tougher laws.

Anyway, here’s what he said today about the whole Craig Thomson affair.

“Ms Jackson is welcome to her conspiracy theories.”

Dude. Seriously?

Yeah, well. Let’s just wait until Friday, Steve. I’m sure your mob will be very busy little bees today.


Leadership challenge inevitable:

It’s moot. Sure, Gillard is the worst PM in the history of Australia, but she is not a dictator. She’s the leader of a party. The problem isn’t just her.


The Health Services Union shelled out more than $600,000 in political donations to the ALP during 2010/11 despite amassing debts of almost $19 million.


Via whaleoil


Spin. Spin. Spin.

A day after HSU boss Kathy Jackson raised suspicious about a simple inquiry somehow taking longer than some Royal Commissions, now Thomson himself today has come out complaining the inquiry into him is taking too long.

Nice timing. Told you they’d be busy little bees today. 😉

    • elsie
    • February 2nd, 2012

    I am so angry that I feel that if the majority of Aussies are dumb enough to vote this dishonest, conniving lot in again, I will become am Irish citizen. No joke…my father-in-law was Irish so I can get reciprocal citizenship through my husband……

    (err…. maybe I won’t! But I feel sick at the thought of this government demonising Abbott and spinning the truth so much that they will get another term in office!)

    • mabba
    • February 2nd, 2012

    BB, your links aren’t working on my computer (or maybe it’s just me), but what’s this Friday bit?

    BTW, I think Kathy Jackson is terrific. She sure shows up a lot of people.

    • Links work fine on this end. As for Friday, Kathy is supposed to be revealing some more juicy details.


      • Sean of Deer Park
      • February 2nd, 2012

      “Ms Jackson pledged to release more information to Fair Work Australia by Friday and has launched the website today called Clean UP HSUeast! which will detail more allegations against the senior membership.”

      Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/health-union-gives-alp-600000-despite–18m-debt-20120201-1qs35.html#ixzz1lE6RqxOq

      Go to http://www.cleanuphsueast.com from around 8am, but I’m sure there are many journo’s sitting in wait to report on the spilt beans. Bolta will be on to it, no doubt. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kathy is on-air again with Bolt and Price on MTR in the morning to discuss any revelations.

      ps. all the linky thingy’s are working fine, Mabba. Try using another type of web browser and see how you go. Sounds like you have some settings that need changing with your current one. I don’t know much about the smart phone apps; if that is what you’re using. Techno-BingBing may have to help you out with that.

      • Indeed. Use Firefox and only Firefox… except maybe Aurora (Firefox on steroids).

        Internet Explorer sux.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • February 2nd, 2012

    Can you believe this????? It goes from bad to worse!

    Slippery Pete the Priest:

    Utterly discraceful.

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