Where’s that global warming?


Europe shivered in some of the coldest temperatures seen in decades Wednesday as the death toll topped 80 and countries battled to clear snow from roads and railways.

Tell ya what. It was a bit bloody nippy here this morning, too. A balmy -8C to be pricise (according to my smartphone).

Andrew Bolt on Monday asked where all the warming had gone the past 15 years.

Ah! Climate change, you say. Yeah, but it hasn’t cooled much, either. In fact, looking at the graph in the above link, temperatures have been pretty static.

But bingers, you’re leading this post with news about record cold that’s killed <strike>80</strike> 83 people so far. Dudes and dudettes: decades doesn’t mean squat on a planet that’s 4.3 billion years old and to think that so many people think they are so self-important that their trace contribution to a trace gas can somehow…


Tim Blair the other day linked to a bloke – a Harvard physicist in case you’re wondering – who asked what historians will write about us when looking back at this ridiculous hysteria.

My two cents?

They’ll wonder how so many people could grow up – and I use that term loosely – having read tales such as Henny Penny and not see the connection.

Ho hum. As Zombie notes after reading an Ice Age doom and gloom book from the seventies, “The “solutions” prescribed to solve both Global Warming and the looming Ice Age are exactly the same.

Sometimes I wonder if we’re only a generation or two away from freaking out at solar eclipses again.

One more thing. It’s -8C here and almost a full 30C warmer in my hometown. And everybody’s doing fine despite the massive differential.


Lady bingbing tells me it was -24C (eek!) near the DMZ this morning. We’ll never know how many North Koreans perished overnight.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • February 2nd, 2012

    Whether you’re a warmist, or ‘evil’ like me; the answer for a ‘sustainable’ energy future can be found here (I so hate using ‘enviro-words’). From what I’ve read this video is a nice crash course in Thorium for anyone who hasn’t heard much about it. I know Binger’s is already on to this. The best part is, resource wise, Australia has a bountiful supply ready for mining.


    I’m no scientist, nor am I environmentally all that concerned; although it makes sense to start investing in new sources of energy which should shut the Greenies up, once and for all, and create a new market for people to invest in. A win/win, so to speak. Personally, I don’t think we have a supply problem for the next 50 odd years apart from skyrocketing prices of traditional fuels (Oil). I guess it comes down to patents and infrastructure hurdles, but it has to be a better way to go than the road back to the dark ages with Gillards Carbon Tax and her Green army of misfits.

    Let the power companies do something for a change and let them invest in this type of technology. The question will be; can the coalition sell Thorium to the masses without the Nuclear naysayers screaming, “apocalypse!”? Let’s get smart and do something positive instead of the usual dooms-day mentality spruiked by the Left.

    • Indeed.


      China’s looking into it. Go figure.


        • Sean of Deer Park
        • February 2nd, 2012

        A beautiful catch there, BingBing. An excellent link. All of them.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • February 2nd, 2012

    Gas/petrol does not evaporate below -43C. I tried …


  1. Hi,
    I think future generations are going to look back and think how uneducated a lot of people must of been in the 21st century. 😦

    Australian Climate Madness, had a good post on this as well.

  2. Yep. I watched a re-run of Penn&Teller’s program Bullshit last night. The particular episode was about organic food – something closely tied to the whole global warming/environmentalism movement – and the level of stupid P&T exposed was astounding.

    One point about your link, however. 2000 a week? “May”? Isn’t that just the sort of “hyperbowl” that we accuse them of all the time?

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