Perverting the course of justice?

We’ll have to wait and see.

FAIR Work Australia vice-president Michael Lawler has made sensational allegations to NSW police that two senior officials of the Health Services Union may have engaged in serious criminal activity.

Mr Lawler, whose partner is HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson, has written to the head of Strike Force Carnarvon, Detective Inspector Dave Christie, making allegations against HSU East acting assistant general secretary Gerard Hayes and the union’s former Victorian divisional secretary, Carol Glen.

This is all part of the Craig Thomson affair. It seems gross fraud was committed. With an HSU credit card, $100,000 was withdrawn and some of that money was used to pay for prostitutes. The signature on the receipts looks very similar (if not the same) to Labor MP Craig Thomson however Thomson denies that he signed it.

So far, the Fair Work Australia investigation has been dragged out to almost three years, a move that effectively keeps the minority Labor government in power.

The letter, dated in December, a copy of which has been obtained by The Australian, claims Mr Hayes and Ms Glen may “have attempted and are attempting to pervert the course of justice in relation to Strike Force Carnarvon”.

Craig Thomson denies any wrong doing, and a day after the Opposition expressed concerns over the length of the investigation, so did Thomson.

H/T Andrew Bolt

  1. Kathy Jackson from the Hospital services union appeared before her live in lover on 5 occassions in 2009. Her live in lover is no less than Micheal Lawler Vice President of Fair Work Australia.
    she represents the union ,he is supposed to be a totally impartial judge representing the government. Like to judge in the supreme court asking who represents the accused ? and his wife stands up! They should both be exposed!!

    • You serious??? Even without that, one doubts most spiders could get out of the ALP/unions web.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • May 15th, 2012


      Are you for real, Denis? The ONLY person who has shown ANY dedication or accountability to the union members in this case is Kathy Jackson in regard to the HSU/Thomson scandal. She has single-handedly exposed corruption in the Union movement and should be given a medal for her good work. Only a Union hack, on the take, could possibly think otherwise.

      Also, I’m not certain, but I think Kathy Jackson is now single and living alone with her kids. I could be wrong but seem to recall this is the case. Your slant seems highly unlikely, regardless. Sounds like unfounded slander to me.

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