The climate debate of 2011: round up, part 2

Following professor Bob Carter’s Part One of his climate review of 2011, here’s Part Two.

Stimulated by research spending of billions of dollars, inexorably, and month by month. torrents of new scientific information appear that are relevant to the twin issues of global warming and climate change.

No one scientist, or group, can possibly absorb and précis accurately the full range of this literature, though valiant efforts are made both by the IPCC and by its essential counterpart, the Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC).

To date, research findings are consistent with a largely natural, though still incompletely understood, origin for modern climate change. Discounting virtual reality computer model studies, no recent paper has provided empirical evidence that dangerous human-caused global warming is occurring; and neither the atmosphere nor the ocean are currently warming despite the continuing increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

*my emphasis*

Read on.

Some tidbits:

Those bullet points link to the full stories. Bob’s piece has excellent, briefer summaries.


    • Merilyn
    • February 8th, 2012

    Highly recommend the book “The Delinquent Teenager who was mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert”.

    • Didn’t read it, but certainly heard what it’s essentially about.

      You’d think something like that would be broadcast until it became common knowledge, but we know better than that these days.


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