What a prat

Slippery Pete: keepin’ it regal.

A DAY after stepping out in formal robes, new Speaker Peter Slipper has announced he will embark on a weekly procession through Parliament House to slip into his chair, so that more visitors can see his parade.

The former Liberal MP announced his plans to introduce a new parade through Parliament House – an approach usually reserved for formal occasions – via a statement from his office.


Credit: Tim Blair reader, Tabitha N

(original here and here)

Such an unwarranted ego this pin-striped suit wearing, cabaholic turncoat of a new speaker has.

    • Merilyn
    • February 8th, 2012

    Now that Folks is WHAT YOU CALL A MASSIVE EGO. If it seems like I’m haunting the place, you are right, trying to keep my mind off Dad having two more cancers taken off his chest, for the first HE was worried and rang this morning to tell me where things were if anything went wrong, now he has me a bit worried, oh well will just keep reading updates here.

    • Not at all. Who doesn’t love more comments? Best wishes to your dad. He’ll be right.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • February 8th, 2012

      Hope “Dad” is okay. It is scary when you get bad news health wise. Lots of things cross your mind and planning for the future is at the top of the list. As time goes by you realise bad news from the doc is only worst case scenario. Therefore, you end up thinking the worst.

      The good news is, it tends to make us stronger and thus helps to get through this difficult time. Cancer used to be the end, not so today. Keep positive and tell Dad to do the same. Just let him know you are there for him and it’s okay to be a bit scared. Treatment is good today, albeit possibly a little painful or makes you feel sick etc. My heart goes out to anyone facing this reality. It is so important though, to have a good attitude/outlook and keep on keeping on. Never give up and look forward to Xmas and nice times with family. Best wishes and hope Dad pulls through.

        • Merilyn
        • February 8th, 2012

        Thank you bing and Sean, no news as yet, so all must have gone well. Will just let him rest and speak to him tomorrow. Thank you for putting up with me.

          • J.M. Heinrichs
          • February 8th, 2012

          He should drink more single-malt whisky.


            • Merilyn
            • February 9th, 2012

            J.M. who Dad or Peter Slipper?

            If you mean Dad, he wouldn’t say “No”.

            If you mean Peter Slipper he would probably drink the whole bottle.

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