Gillard wants to tax the Internet

  • It’s not yours to tax, Julia.

That’s right. Via the IPA’s John Roskam’s “Hey… what did I miss?” email that folks can sign up for.

Here’s something that’s slipped under the radar. Soon you won’t have the freedom to use the interent without paying a tax. The Gillard government’s ‘media convergence’ review wants to levy a tax on you and internet companies to give local art and culture more money (page 10). So that we get more taxpayer-funded art like this.

Who else is sick of a**holes trying to stuff up the best communications tool Humanity has ever invented and developed?

Take these guys, too. These guys pretty much take the cake.

A case is being tried in Tyler, Texas, this week that could determine the future of the Internet. On one side: The world’s top web companies, including Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and Apple. On the other: A tiny company called Eolas Technologies that claims it patented the “interactive web.” In its telling, a program by Chicago biologist Michael Doyle allowing doctors to view embryos, developed in 1993, was the first to allow users to interact with images in a browser, Wired explains. Tech companies say that’s not true. But based on that claim, Eolas has filed a massive suit, saying that everything from streaming videos to “suggest” features on search engines is infringing on its intellectual property. Many web pioneers are battling the suit—Tim Berners-Lee (called the “web’s father” by Wired) testified yesterday that patent suits could endanger the future of the online innovation. But don’t underestimate Eolas’ chances—it got a huge settlement off Microsoft in 2007, and kept the case in East Texas, a favorite destination for so-called “patent trolls.”

Full details here. BTW, is a great resource.

In both above cases, and the following, we see an attempt to apply a redundant paradigm to a new situation. It’s like, as the old adage goes, trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

And then we have (had) SOPA, one of the worst, most stifling acts ever devised by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Maddox explains it well.

SOPA is the “Stop Online Piracy Act.” It’s a shitty piece of legislation put together by puppetmaster lobbyists and politician puppets who don’t know IP addresses from their assholes. My problem with this huge online protest against SOPA, and the reason I rarely take part in such protests, is because it doesn’t address any problems, only the symptom. The problem isn’t this shitty bill, it’s the people who sponsored it. So we protest this bill today, bang enough pots and pans to shame a few backers into not letting this bill pass, then what? Those same dipshits who wrote this legislation still have jobs. They’re going to try again, and again, and again until some mutation of this legislation passes. They’ll sneak it into an appropriation bill while nobody’s looking during recess, because there’s too much lobbyist money at stake for them not to. We defeat SOPA today, only to face it again tomorrow. It’s like trying to stop a cold by blowing your nose. It’s time we go after the virus.

And by that, he means taking a stand and hitting the lobbyists where it hurts – boycotts (although I doubt many people will actually go through with it).

The freedom the Internet has enjoyed is a precursor to its success, its innovation. It’s a hotbed of creativity that has advanced Humanity’s cause immeasurably.

And yet some short-sighted, unimaginative dinosaurs are trying to cut off its oxygen supply in as many ways as they can.


    • Merilyn
    • February 9th, 2012

    …..and that’s why you keep an eye on both hands with this government.

  1. February 17th, 2012

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