Julia Gillard vs Australian industry

It’ll only take 10 minutes or so to listen to the first part of Andrew Bolt’s MTR podcast today. First up, Bolta and Steve touch on Gillard’s two new NBN satellites, something I covered here yesterday (1700 bucks per Internet connection by my rough calculations based on the figues given in the article). BTW, there’s space available to rent on existing satellites without the need to spend more than half a billion dollars on two more.

Next, it’s onto the Alcoa issue. Alcoa (they smelter aluminium) is reviewing its operations with the possibility of moving them offshore. Presently this is due to the high dollar and other factors, but Alcoa admitted that in the near future, the carbon (dioxide) tax will have an impact also on this energy intensive industry.

Yesterday, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott stated that obvious point.

PM Gillard labelled his comments as “disgusting”.

But the Bolta calls her out. After all, isn’t the whole point of her carbon tax to reduce emmissions and save the planet from global warming? Therefore, in Gillard’s mind, isn’t it a good thing that the high emitters such as Alcoa are – or will be eventually – driven out of business? Isn’t the carbon dioxide tax meant to hurt the “big polluters”?

So why’s she so mad at Abbott?

Also noted is that since the 1960s or something, Alcoa has had a sweetheart deal to buy its electricity at less than a third of the regular price, something factored into its operating model. That deal is set to be scrapped, too. In fact, Alcoa has already done a deal privately with a certain power company.

The rub?

The carbon dioxide tax will, of course, as it is intended to, severly penalise that power company which, if it manages to stay in business, will have to pass on highly elevated prices to its customers.

Do have a listen, at least to the first 10 minutes, as Bolta really nails it.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • February 9th, 2012

    Yeah, I was listening to it this morning. The numb-nuts out there refuse to listen to any arguement (or fact) if it makes perfect sense. It is good Bolt and Price do get some ‘challenged’ folk calling in. Shows they are listening.

    Hopefully they (the challenged) will have a lightbulb moment once they get over their initial distain for all things Bolt. I love the way Price describes the look on Andrew’s face just before he hits the disconnect call button, like he did yesterday. Too funny.

    • Merilyn
    • February 10th, 2012

    Julia is really becoming a dictator, and isn’t it strange how history repeats itself, Rudd did the same thing, before he was given a push by Julia.


    If you look at the photo of Julia, [yes I know that is hard] but you can see she is pretty close to the end, the strain is all there to see.

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