When a government can’t communicate, isn’t allowed to communicate with its constituents, then how can democracy function in a healthy manner?

THE entire Labor cabinet has been banned from talking to editors of the nation’s major newspapers as Prime Minister Julia Gillard moves to stamp out leadership speculation.

Under the gagging order, ministers must seek permission from her office before any meeting or private talks…

“For someone who accused Rudd of ruling with an iron fist, it was quite a turnaround,” a senior minister said.”She has basically told everyone that they can’t talk to newspaper editors without her permission.”

Another minister, who claimed it simply revealed how fragile the Prime Minister’s leadership was, said it appeared to be a deliberate attempt to “set up Rudd” by creating an excuse to sack the former prime minster if he breached the cabinet directive.

So Australia is left with one person out of 72 ALP Lower House members and 31 ALP Upper House members – a total of 103  – who is allowed to speak to the citizenry without first having to obtain express permission.

One person out of a pool of 103.

That smacks not of democracy but rather of a dictatorship. Or at the very least, of desperation and paranoia.

One can’t help ponder the current mental health – the state of mind – of an obviously over-burdened, strung out Prime Minister.


  1. ALP Members Lament

    No-one is speaking
    to the media without
    first humbly seeking

    the leader’s blessing.
    She does this to stop leaking
    because Rudd’s messing

    with Gillard’s rating.
    Members can’t be confessing
    or validating

    how they care about
    nought but accumulating
    pensions. They lack clout

    so none is seeing
    press gallery mates without
    the PM’s agreeing.

    • 🙂

    • Merilyn
    • February 10th, 2012

    …..but wait there is more.

    • Can you give a quick overview, please? For some unfathomable reason, the Korean government blocks the DT on school computers.

        • Merilyn
        • February 10th, 2012

        Try this one from Adelaidenow.

        If that doesn’t work, “” One of Julia Gillard’s bodyguards is being investigated over claims he used the Prime Minsters VIP plane to help run his private business.”

        • Thanks, Merilyn. Your local rag hasn’t (yet) earned the ire of the Korean Education Department.

          I’m no fan of Gillard, but I can’t see this one coming back to her.

            • Merilyn
            • February 10th, 2012

            Agree with you bing, so can only take it the story is a sort of unicorn to take people’s minds off the leadership struggle between Julia and Kevin, or to take their minds off other items that are happening in this government. [Yes I know, I’m getting cynical].

            • Merely “getting” cynical? 😆

              On further thought, it does seem symptomatic of the overall disease that is infecting Canberra these days.

              I’m gonna do a Mordy Bromberg and take issue with the TONE down there.

  2. Cabinet has been gagged by Jooolya, and Joolya…

    Look, Chris, I’ve dealt with all of these questions on the public record too and I really haven’t got anything to add

    … like Krudd, has turned into her own worst enemy.

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