Anyone else watch 4Corners? [updated]

They aired a reasonably decent, if not prone to naval-gazing, feature on the current woes of the Australian Labor Party with considerable emphasis on former PM Kevin Rudd and his usurper, Julia Gillard.

A lot of history there we already knew. The ALP appears to be in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t position. The party likes Gillard. The public likes Rudd. And vice versa.

Former PM Rudd came out looking (at least some of) the people’s champion with perhaps – and I’m going easy here on the ABC – just enough emphasis placed on his domineering, micromanaging style of leadership.

The ALP as a whole, with emphasis on their power brokers, came out looking excessively poll-driven, sneaky, and lacking any real principles or conviction. Also dumb. Eleven years in the wilderness, years of an unsuccessful former leader in Kim Beazely, a miraculous turn around, and then *splat*  – Kevin’s corpse chucked out onto the street at the first sign of a cold.

PM Julia Gillard came out looking at best, evasive, and also unable to be believed. She repeatedly failed to answer questions directly. For instance, yes or no, did she know about internal party polling  – kept hidden from Rudd – that showed Rudd was losing numbers fast? Yes or no, did she know her first speech as PM may have been prepared by members of her office and/or the ALP a full two weeks before she seized power? Answers to these questions drive straight to the heart of her credibility and trustworthiness.

Evading these important questions was, to say the least, not a good look. Nor was her obvious tension during the interview, especially when juxtaposed to a laughing, smiling Rudd sharing photos, beers and embraces with an enthusiastic public at a pleasant establishment.

What did you guys take out of the report?





More. (lots of links)



That last link is the Bolta MTR podcast.

Julia Gillard: “My job is to answer questions… I’m not someone who runs away from questions.”

Oh, really? She runs away from the question asking if she actually did plot to bring down Rudd (she’s always claimed she never *cough bullshit* did; that it all happened on the last day), and despite being asked almost every week to appear on The Bolt Report, she has declined every time.


Steve Vizard talks to former Labor powerbroker Graham Richardson – someone who admitted last night having a hand in Rudd’s downfall – about the segment.



The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has all but accused the ABC’s Four Corners of deception after it aired damaging claims last night that her office was plotting the downfall of Kevin Rudd well before the June 24, 2010 coup.

BWAHAHAHAHA! How rich is that?!

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • February 14th, 2012

    Just finished watching online. A good summary, BB.

    Overall, I thought the episode was designed to assist Rudd for a return to office. It proved what we already know about Gillard; the fact she lies a lot. Her word is worth nothing.

    I don’t see how a return to Rudd will achieve anything for the ALP. The damage is already done. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did reinstate him. I can see caucus saying, “this plan is so crazy, it just might work”. Surely voters aren’t that stupid? The ALP would be relying on a sympathy vote at an election to give Rudd another term in office.

    Rudd may have a few supporters, but both the Caucus and the Public are more than aware of his mismanagement last time. Once bitten…, as the saying goes. We are today seeing what we all predicted yonks ago; the ALP is eating itself alive. Just as it always does.

    On top of all this, there are signs the Global Economic woes are finally starting to catch up here in Australia. I notice a lot more mortgagee auctions (foreclosures), people being put out of work, interest rates on the rise, a new tax on everything on the way, companies talking about moving offshore. Nup, I just can’t see a turn around by the next election; when ever that may be. Lets just hope it is sooner, rather than later.

    I also notice a bounce in Mr Abbott’s step and the Greens are being very quiet at the moment. 😆

    • Dminor
    • February 14th, 2012

    I’m sure I’ve heard interviews in which politicians have dodged most of the questions but can’t for the life of me recall anything as obvious, clumsy, excruciating and woeful as Gillard’s latest efforts. Even so, it’s hard to imagine Labor could ever be desperate enough to bring back Rudd. They are destined to lose the next election but…18 months is a long time in politics. Like a cricket team at 4/32 in the 25th over of a one-day match, you’d expect them to lose. But until that last ball is bowled or the last wicket fallen, you can’t know what the final score will be.

    A little tidbit on media bias: read about the South Australian by-election results a couple of days ago on bigpond, which sources from the ABC. Gave me pause, Labor winning both seats. Nothing in that report, though, about the 10% swings.

    At least the Queensland election’s in sight. Should be fun.

    • but can’t for the life of me recall anything as obvious, clumsy, excruciating and woeful as Gillard’s latest efforts.

      Yes. She would have done herself more favours by saying something like, “Yes, I saw them but not at my request. If it had been my choice, I wouldn’t have seen them,” but I guess that kind of spin is just too “honest” for her.

  1. Hi,
    No I missed it, but I heard a little bit about it this morning on MTR, I can’t wait to watch it now, Thanks for putting the link up, I will watch it this afternoon. 🙂

  2. Also, how long did the ABC take to edit that one? We’re talking February 13th and not a peep about the Australia Day race riot – including all that we know that leads back to Gillard’s office – that occurred more than three weeks before the report aired.

    • mabba
    • February 14th, 2012

    Agree with all comments about evasiveness etc (what’s new?), but what I gleaned is that Beazley in the US had a hand in it too- makes sense; after all, Rudd shafted him. Also, Sciacca is a mate of Beattie (gave Beattie’s son work experience), & we know Beattie hated KRudd ever since as head of Goss’s inner sanctum, he ensured Beattie was denied Cabinet until right at the end when he was given the poison chalice of Health. Also interesting, Slipper propped up Beattie’s minority govt., just like Windsor propped up some state NSW ALP govt previously. No Stephen King novel could have more treacherous labyrinthine twists & turns. Anyway, they’re a mob of deluded liars & haters, never to be trusted. But arguably Juliar is the dux of them all.

    • Interesting background info from before my time bothering with politics. Thanks!

    • mabba
    • February 14th, 2012

    Can’t vouch for absolute accuracy- just from memory- some of it may need checking, but the general drift remains- & last night, the Beazley connection lit up for me- he was a very smart guy, after all, from the party of all time haters.

    • Merilyn
    • February 14th, 2012

    Er bing think two of my posts may be in the spam box again.

    • Just checked. Not there.

      ? 😦

        • Merilyn
        • February 14th, 2012

        That’s ok don’t know where they went, just gave you praise for the pick-up on the fact that no questions were asked about the links back to her office. Well done. Then put a link to Bunyipitude, re the media. Hope you and Lady bing had a good day.

    • mabba
    • February 14th, 2012

    I think Juliar’s cooked her goose (no, not THAT Goose unfortunately) with the ABC- they’re onto her- Chris U. on 7.30 tonight really gunning for the facts behind Oz Day riot, with incriminating footage re the Sattler bird- starting to unravel?… pray hard…

    • mabba
    • February 14th, 2012

    Bolta has posted the 7.30 report (can’t do links, sorry).

    Caught the tail end of the Drum tonight & Julie Bishop told Annabel Crabbe that as the PM doesn’t know what’s going on in her office, no doubt she won’t know about any prepared concession speech either. Just loved it.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • February 14th, 2012

      Now the police are involved. Should be interesting.
      The plot thickens. Or perhaps its just the thick had a plot.

      It is looking like Crean may be about to clean up this mess. I think Bolta may have a point there.

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        Lots more for everyone to discuss there in the dedicated daily twitter/open thread.

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