Australia’s clean energy scam

The Blissful Ignoramus takes a closer look at Australia’s clean energy future.

How appropriate.

The key, mission-critical system used by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency for reporting and calculation of “emissions” by the “biggest polluters”, is called OSCAR.

And now, with just over 4 months till the carbon ‘tax’ begins, the “science” is in.

OSCAR is trash.

As indeed was the government’s $20 million taxpayer-funded advertising campaign for the carbon “tax”, which according to the Auditor-General:

“.. contained facts which were not properly sourced and seven breaches of financial management regulations.”

Read on. Perception is reality, errors (cheating?) abound, red tape is through the roof, and as for the amount of money wasted… eek!

Related: the ABC still champions the failed experiment that is solar energy as a primary source of power.

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Gavin Atkins:

I HATE to break the news this way, but Australia is not going to meet its target to reduce greenhouse emissions by 5 per cent of 2000 levels by 2020.

Of course, the introduction of the carbon tax might make some difference, but I’m willing to stick my head out and call it right now. With only eight years left, carbon dioxide emissions have actually increased by 4 per cent on 2000 levels.


Related:Carbon derivitives trading; the ticking time bomb buried in Julia and the Greens’ Clean Energy Future legislation.

No wonder (rightfully dumped) former Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull was/is so gung ho for a carbon (dioxide) tax/ETS. His mates back at Goldman Sachs are set to make a killing.

Oh if only the climate really needed saving and we had the God-like power to actually do something…


Labor still has $10mil left to flog their disastrous and useless CO2 tax before July hits.

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