Hey, I love the stuff too, but 31 years of nothing BUT pizza? Woah!

She should at least try adding some pepperoni.

A British woman who has eaten only cheese and tomato pizza for 31 years has been warned she could die unless she quits her bizarre dining habit.

Claire Simmons, of Notting Hill, West London, gags if she puts anything but a plain pizza slice in her mouth. She also shakes the moment she is presented with any other type of food.

Her doctors have said this is all nasty, increasing her risk of stroke and heart attack.

But really, is a decent pizza that bad? I was, to say the least, a fussy eater as a young kid and ate more than my fair share of pizza. Yet, I was the second fastest runner at my school, won the long jump, was good at high jump on a good day, played a decent game of tennis, was second tallest in my grade, and was usually in the top three of my class academically.

Besides, many people would have read last year that the US congress classified pizza as a vegetable. Now that isn’t exactly the case – they determined that an eighth of a cup of tomato paste could continue to qualify as half a cup (or one serving) of vegetables (and the numbers actually do stack up), thus blocking Obama’s move to require four times the previous serving of tomato paste to qualify – but when you’re essentially talking bread, tomato and cheese, something that’s kept the Italians happy and healthy (with relatively low levels of fascism) for centuries, really, how wrong can you go?

You’ve got your carbs, your protein, your dairy…

Still, I guess it’s a bit like that Jared guy and his Subway diet. OK, so the ingredients are meant to be all healthy and fresh (ahem, check #7 here) and the bloke lost a ton of weight (100% due to Subway and nothing else I’m sure) but something inside, something instinctive tells you it just ain’t right, that a mono-diet isn’t the way to go.

That said, I’d argue there are a lot of people doing a lot worse things to their bodies than eating margharita pizzas.


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