Wednesday 15/2/12 open/twitter thread

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  1. From your challenger-coworker across the desk. I sense a general onesidedness to many of your arguments mainly right vs left, republicans vs democrats, the global warming conspiracy vs truth. It would definitely benefit, if you were to examine problematic issues without pointing so many fingers and putting the blame on a particular group such as democrats, or Al Gore. Usually an issue is much more complex than just evil guy making decisions in order to ruin the economy of the world. Usually new bills on the economy are based on something preceding it, and are not standalone factors causing a potential “negative events” such as, housing market crash, financial downturn, it is not just Obama, and not just democrats. Most legislature requires both parties to pass, and is often an amendment to something existent. I would think that most people want the best outcome but they have differing approaches to solve these issues, some things work and others fail, but I really dont think that everything from one side fails and from the other side succeeds.

    If would be much more beneficial to either simply examine the problems and the factors contributing to those problems, the history behind it, or offering potential solutions considering its consequences holistically.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • February 15th, 2012

      A somewhat ambiguous comment. It reads like you are a warmist on a mission. Can you give us an example of what you are on about, otherwise the comment just sounds like “general onesidedness” from your perspective. What are you saying Niki?

      All sorts of issues are discussed here, so I guess you have to hang around and get involved before pointing any fingers. You might learn a thing or two. I did. Sorry, I don’t mean to be challenging, just trying to fathom your advice to Binger’s.

      • How could my comment be “general onesidedness”? My comment was directed to James, because I figured he would understand it since we have had many discussions on various topics. Anyway, I will tell you what I am about since I have never posted anything here before.

        I am not an active blogger or activist of any sort because I dont see the point. I believe that our real problems lie inside ourselves, and even in the worst political situation such as North Korea, these are the same problems. All we really need is enough food to pursue happiness which once found is unconditional. (I will not into this here, because this blog is not about that). On the other hand, I do realize that the majority of the population on the planet sees problems not only within but generally in other places, such as politics, society, religion, terrorists, economy. Since these institutions exist and are run by real people who believe in what they do and whose livelihoods depend on their job, lets consider these issues and contemplate good solutions for problems.

        Here is a short list of my opinions on certain issues.

        War: A military draft should not exist.

        Global Warming: I’m not convince that it is a real phenomena. But it is a good idea to minimize pollution which come out of factories, and chemicals draining into the rivers and seas.

        Genetically Modified Food: Not all that Bad, Improves Crop yield, produces more food.

        Big Pharma – Vaccinations: Medication should not be forced on people under any circumstance.

        Government censorship of internet: not a good idea. This should be up to search engine companies to decide what to censor.

        Money in Politics – causes corruption, corporate donations, bribery.

        Patent Rights – patents should not exist. People should invent for the good of humanity, for fun, not for greed or fame, or money. If someone can make it better than you then let it be and invent something else. PATENTS GREATLY HINDER TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESS – More than anything else.

        War on Drugs – Drugs should be legal, but their quality should be inspected and information on drugs should be available to all. The illegal status of drugs causes crime, and wastes tax payers money on law enforcement.

        Abortion – let the mother decide

        Gay rights – I believe everyone is bisexual some leaning more one way others the other-way. All people should have equal rights regardless of sexual preference.

        I don’t believe Obama is evil, nor are republicans or democrats. I dont believe in the Left or the Right, conservatives or liberals, and that either are idiots or are evil. The classifications, are too vague, and dont describe the beliefs of any person fairly.

        okay, that’s enough.

        • I’m with you there – fully or partially – on most of what you’ve espoused.


          Military draft: In a perfect world, no it shouldn’t exist but on-the-ground situations sometimes dictate that it must in some circumstances. For someone who lives in South Korea also, with the million-strong and hostile North Korean military on our doorstep, I find it curious that you cannot appreciate the need for conscription (which is a mere two years service) in South Korea.

          Global warming and pollution. Completely agree with you. However, where the argument has been twisted, become insidious, is that the Al Gores of this world are incorrectly labelling the necessary, odorless, colorless, tasteless trace gas – CO2 – as a pollutant. It is not. The Australian example has our PM constantly labelling beneficial CO2 as “carbon pollution”. In essence, the environmental movement in a large part has been high-jacked. It is little more nowadays than a vehicle for parasites, snake oil salesmen and big government is the answer (communist Russia tells us it isn’t) types.

          Patent rights: Couldn’t disagree with you more on this one. Getting rid of patent and intellectual property rights kills incentive and therefore reward for human innovation. Take that away, and we would be nowhere near as technologically advanced as we are. The idea that people are going to innovate and invent stuff for the betterment of Humanity simply out of the goodness of their hearts is, sorry, bullshit. In the odd case, perhaps, but overall, patent and intellectual property rights give more incentive and reward to more people to innovate and invent more stuff… with the delicious capitalist irony in this being that this implied selfishness and greed in people (i.e. patents) actually benefits others more than some idealistic “no patents” notion that we all care and share and sing kumbahya. Feels good, might look good on paper, might make that hot hippy chick dig you at a party, but in reality, Humanity tried that and it failed miserably. Twentieth century experiments in Communist states are a prime example of this.

        • Sean of Deer Park
        • February 15th, 2012

        Fair enough. Thanks for the reply, Niki. Don’t get me wrong. Them, they’re not fighting words.

        One sidedness. I said this because it’s Bingbing’s Blog and he can basically say what he wants, so I don’t see the need to tell him what he should write in terms of posts. I understand your comment was a suggestion. Your advice may be valid, for you, and I’d be happy to read your take on all things if you send us the link (but you said you don’t Blog – neither do I for the record). I admire Bing’s stance, he gives me food for thought. I enjoy reading the other people here, too.

        I didn’t really expect you’d give me a run down on all the things you replied about. In fact, many of them sit well with me and my own opinions. I just didn’t really get what you were actually talking about in your comment.

        For my own part, I know I am Libertarian in my thinking. In other words; do what you want, so long as you don’t hurt or infringe on others. That is placed somewhere between Left and Right. The boundaries do overlap at times in a Left/Right world. Binger’s and his Blog helped me come to that conclusion, BTW.

        Essentially, for me, life’s about being kind to others but also being realistic, while remaining respectful (Dame Edna would call this “Poise”). Some perspective; in Australia we have a government that (to me) has lurched far to the Left at this moment in time, following Europe’s lead. America has also voted to the Left, but I’d argue Obama as a Left leader is still an unknown quantity. For example, Obama’s “Hope and Change” compared to realities of War spending and ideals. I’m sure Obama will be analysed for years to come. The US, because of its huge influence and debt has a very heavy chain hanging from its neck. I personally don’t see much difference between Obama and Bush, apart from their skin colour (Saying that makes me racist in Australia, from our Leftist perspective; or so I am lead to believe).

        Anyway, the point is, Bingbing has a great Blog, just the way it is.
        (Although, I still haven’t got into this Twitter thingo, Binger’s. 😆 )

        • Libertarian, FTW!

          I think Nikita gets “thrown” (for wont of a better description) by stuff I say because of a lot of it goes against what I’d label “the accepted norm”, especially for people around our age.

          An example of this might be the GFC; caused in a large part by the CRA (Democrat law), that enabled Fannie and Freddie who guaranteed toxic loans that Republicans tried again and against to curtail but couldn’t in a Democrat-controlled congress and senate. The inevitable happened and then Obama – a man who sued Citibank when they wanted to stop giving out sub-prime loans – has the fucking gall to blame Bush’s failed economic policies. I mean, fuck me. Obama, the same asshole bitching about Wall Street when he’s the biggest Wall Street POTUS America has ever witnessed.

          I merely try my best to point out again and again, that the Left both in America and Australia (and elsewhere) is very well organised, moreso than the Right, the majority (which is finally starting to wake up). Since the 60s, we have seen the long march through the institutions to a point where Elementary school kids in the US are shown Obama propaganda videos, kids everywhere are shown global warming propaganda dressed up as science, journalism lecturers are former communists, we have activist judges in our courts, and the lazy media is fed a steady barrage of Leftists viewpoints by think tanks and unions which are by and large, Left wing.

          That so-called “accepted norm” we see in the younger generations today is actually the result of more than half a century of persistent, calculated Leftist infiltration of the pillars of Western society and this needs to be brought to attention as often as possible.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • February 15th, 2012


    Fair dinkum, thinking of purchasing a New Home or embarking on Renovations to your existing home?
    Be very careful. The Gillard, Green, Carbon (dioxide) Tax is now being written into Contracts.

    Builders obviously have to pass on the, yet unknown, costs of the Carbon Tax to the client and potential Mortgage holder (Purchaser). This will have grave implications for purchasers trying to budget their affordability and banks issuing loans for works being undertaken under contract today. This is a real example of the uncertainty affecting the housing market in Australia, as of this month.

    I have information from a builder in Australia, advising of wording (legal jargon) you will see in all new contracts. It is called a Carbon Tax Disclaimer that will appear in ALL, Tenders, Preliminary Sales Quotes and Contracts from this month (February 2012).

    I will not name the company as it is not their fault and they are only doing what all others in the building industry are having to do right now to protect themselves from potential huge cost blowouts they would otherwise be responsible for over the Carbon Tax implementation period. Remember, it takes months to build/renovate. It is impossible for these companies to predict what the projected cost price will be for any works done with completion dates after 1st July when the Gillard government introduces its Carbon Tax. In short. Someone will have to pay.

    The legal disclaimer inserted into all future contracts will read along these lines:

    “xxxxxxxx has not appropriated any form of additional cost based on the Carbon Tax in the compilation of the xxxxx Tender of Contract. As of the first of July 2012 suppliers, manufacturers and third parties may commence to pass the cost of the Carbon Tax on to xxxxxxxx.
    Contracts written prior to July 2012 may incur additional cost when constructed after the start of July 2012.
    Where appropriate xxxxxxxx will inform the client of an intention to claim additional cost by variation to the original contract under the Carbon Tax Guidelines.”

    No-one yet knows what the “variations” will cost.

    Imagine for example a couple building their first new home. They apply for the first homeowners grant, get bank approval for a Mortgage based on today’s financial position at a contracted price. The home is at lock-up in September, for arguments sake. What happens if the cost blowout is more than what the purchaser can afford? Does the bank lend the couple more than originally limited on the Bank Note? Can the couple now afford the new repayments? If they can not, do the couple loose their deposit? Is their first home owner grant now deemed ‘claimed’ and not available to them ever again? What if the bank reneges on the deal based on the new information of costs? This is a potential mine field.

    Most importantly. How can the government be implementing a Tax with no prior warning or forecasts of what it will do in terms of real costs on all Australian’s. (Let alone the fact there is no reason for the Tax in the first instance!) At least with the GST we could simply add 10% as a guesstimate. What the hell does $23T mean in real terms?

    This is only one industry example of the reality we face today because of Gillard’s MONSTER CARBON TAX. I don’t think many people are thinking of the implications much past high level business, politics and the cost of turning on the lights. The above example highlights the potential real risks average Australian’s and Companies are being exposed to by this incompetent deceitful government.

    This is called, uncertainty. The Carbon Tax must be stopped and this government replaced immediately. I let you know first Binger’s, as you did a good job with the BER. I will forward this post on to others for consideration. I’d urge other readers with similar examples, to start making noises; as it is time to fight this incompetent government on all fronts, before it is too late.

    Australia can not afford this uncertainty.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • February 15th, 2012

    “I don’t believe Obama is evil, …”
    I believe in the tooth fairy; without Julia Gillard, Kevie Rudd would have destroyed Australia; Kim Jong-Il had the best interests of his country at heart.

    “Gay rights – I believe everyone is bisexual some leaning more one way others the other-way.”
    I believe some people just cannot make a decision, no how.


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