Thursday 16/2/12 open/twitter thread

I hear it’s been a bit wet in some parts of Oz. How many Flanneries did folks get last night?


Via a couple of the twitter links on the right:

There’s the one about global warmists being horrified, horrified about the money being spent on global warming sceptisism.

Well, let’s take a closer look at that link, and what it links to. There’s the Desmogblog that some Greenpeace campaigner Kelly Rigg linked to.

Oh, the shock and the horror! Sceptic mob the Heartland Institute receive funding! A shocking $6.5 MILLION according to leaked documents.

But some bloke called Tom Nelson notes: “With tiny budgets like $310 million, $100 million, and $95 million respectively, how can lovable underdogs like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and NRDC *ever* hope to compete with mighty Heartland’s $6.5 million?

This shocking global-warming-sceptics-are-on-the-payroll-of-Mr-Nastypants theme is continued over at Andrew Bolt’s blog where he rightly notes the shocking horror the Age newspaper expresses when they learn  sceptic professor Bob Carter receives a WHOPPING $1550 bucks a month!


The evilness!

But wait a minute.

Al Gore’s set to become a billionaire thanks to his global warming schtick. The Age? No comment.

Aussie climate commissioner and waterfront resident Tim Flannery receives $180,000 taxpayer dollars per year for three days work a week scaring the kiddies about catastrophic sea level rises among other things. The Age? No comment.

Greenpeace pays Ove Hoegh-Guldberg a motsa to come up with doom predictions for Australia’s reefs – none of which have been any where near accurate. The Age? No comment.

NASA warmist professor James Hanson gets paid $1.6 million per year from outside sources interested in promoting the man-made global warming (which stopped 15 years ago) and yer gonna die line. The Age? No comment.



And what about the 90 million buckaroos the government gave Tim Flannery’s geothermal hot rocks company that utterly tanked?


Damn you evil sceptics!!1

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • February 16th, 2012

    1. Desmog blog is owned by a PR/advertising firm in Vancouver. It’s science credentials are mostly tertiary.



    • Excellent points on both counts. The first just tops it off, doesn’t it? The second, well, that one was bookmarked; a concise, clear explanation that can be used at parties without too many heads exploding.

      OK, so maybe I’m being a little too hopeful on that last part…

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