I got me a hankerin’ for some burger!

But I might be hitting up wifey to make her delicious home-made beef patties a bit more often. And not that most of us aren’t at least partially aware of the following yet still top off a good night out at places like McDonald’s, hmm, well…

How have duck feathers become a viable ingredient in apple pie? Welcome to the world of food additives. People have been adding flavors, spices, natural preservatives and ripening agents to food since antiquity. But as the popularity of highly processed food has risen dramatically since the 1950s, so has the astounding array of bizarre chemical additives used in food manufacturing. Fast-food recipes seem to be born more from the laboratory than from farm or field.
And although the powers that be deem these food-additive chemicals safe, the science fiction of it all is a bit unsettling. How do we come up with these things? Here are some of the wackiest of the bunch.
Read on. Chinese peasant hair, beetle juice (or is that Beetlejuice?), and this are among just some of the yumyums many of us can’t get enough of.
Modern science at its best!
Bon appetit!
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