In other news…

Seriously, nothing much happened news-wise today. I checked on the smartfone whilst getting a haircut…


Anything half-decent has already been posted in recent comments.

But yes, last night (27th) was rather a special one. April did finally have her kittens. Four in all. Two have her white colouring and two have Azzy’s grey/blue colouring (and howzat? born exactly one year after Azzy (Aslan), too).

First one popped out a bit after 7:30pm blog time, the next around 15 minutes later at ten to, the next at about a quarter past, and we thought that was it until another decided to say hi at about a quarter past eleven.

They all came out fine which was a relief (even though Lady Bingbing hates me mentioning a lot of my relief comes from the fact we can sell them for around 500 bucks a pop in a couple of months). The last one seemed a bit touch and go for a minute or two, and I had to cut the umbilical cord of the first.

April aka the milk machine is resting up outside their box at the moment, and, well, so is lady BB (yes, this is the second night LBB’s fallen asleep right outside the kitteh box)..

TBH, the kittens first looked more like mice than baby cats.

Anyway, here’s a pic. Hope it’s not too graphic (heck, some of the first ones… eek!)

Seven members of this animal house are sleeping now, and a movie just started. With any luck, I’ll chuck a few posts up tomorrow, but with the day off and everyone home… hmm, feel free to use this post as a discussion board also i.e. for other news. Heck, that’s what the title says. 🙂

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • February 28th, 2012

    All together now… Awwwwwww, how cute.

    Names: (considering they’re for sale)
    Critter 1, Critter 2, Critter 3 and Critter 4.

    I’ll bet LBB will start hiding them from potential purchasers. 😆

    • Haha1 Not even that far. They are Number 1, Number 2, Number 3 and Number 4.

    • Merilyn
    • February 29th, 2012

    Beautiful, well done April, the last one bing may be a runt, so keep a bit of an eye on it.

    • That last one; he/she seems fine. Same size and seems to feed just as much, and get as much attention. I just think April was tired, and used her cat-god given ability to postpone labour until she caught her breath.

        • Merilyn
        • March 1st, 2012

        That is good news.

    • mabba
    • February 29th, 2012

    I wonder what sex they all are. How is Aslan dealing with it? Hope Lady B & April are getting enough sleep. Wise words from Merilyn above.

    Other news? Anna’s blown $1million ( caretaker govt??) giving all Brisburgers free transport all day today, so if you’ve always wanted to see Bris (train/bus/city cat) come on up or down.

    Backroom boys wouldn’t let New Jooles parachute Bob Carr into Foreign Affairs via Senate. Oaktoad seriously intoned (Ch 9 Today) that, anyway, a 64-year old wouldn’t provide the new look desired in Cabinet. How old is Oaks BTW?

    • Azzy’s basically fine, but you can tell he feels a bit left out. Actually, he’s had to deal with April getting more attention for a while now. He inspects them from time to time, but hisses if you present one to him. We’ve worked hard to give him some special attention the last few days.

      One thing has changed. The tables have turned. April stole his dinner yesterday!

  1. Oooh, Congrats on the new kittens!!!!

    • Cheers. They’re awesome, but we have one worn out girl kitteh…

  2. Since I couldnt find the Wednesday open thread, I post it here. This is a response to the episode of “Bullshit: Organic”, By farmers, I it a good movie and I would say more convincing than the Bullshit one. But, anyway I havent personally looked into the scientific data to make my own personal statement on this issue. I recommend you watch this video, It says that it will only be up til Saturday March 3rd, Hope you get to see it. Here is a link

    • Yeah, I didn’t put the open thread up. Have been distracted. Cheers for the link, I’ll give it a watch.

      As for the population increasing; make poor countries rich ASAP (democracy, free market economy, cheap energy) and you’ll see birth rates decline.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • February 29th, 2012

      Thanks for Nikita. Just watched it, very good. The US has a lot of different rules to us here is Australia, but essentially the message is an important one. Thanks for posting.

    • Watched it last night.

      Hey, look, a good watch. The fresh food looked great. The stuffed animals… not so great. Using the same patch of land for multiple, healthy, purposes made intrinsic sense… and according to the vid, made a lot more economic sense, too.

      And that’s where it’s at… from a framer’s perspective. (and never mind how selective the video was)

      About 5000 years ago, people, generally, started moving away from an agrarian existence to instead Move to the City.

      Even poor Mum and Dad unwillingly rote learnt that song! Blame Dad, he wanted a decent stereo.

      Anyway, where was I?

      Sometimes I feel like our political overlords treat US like cattle, or at best… pets.

      Whilst quite happy with the shite I throw down my gob – comparable to an 18th century king no less, so c’mon! – I do like this move because it takes away from, er, not necessarily big companies doing everything, but rather, as we see in this video, a move towards people doing something more.

      That’s what’s really motivating about it.


      We’re 5000 years moved on. Shit gets delivered on a plate. That’s how it is and that’s how it’s gonna be on space ships if we don’t fuck it up.

      The eco-awareness model has us living here eating reconstituted monkey shit until all eternity.

      That’s not Human destiny. Change and progress will have to occur.

      Heavy? Sure. But before anyone gets too antsy in their panties about world food supplies, WE HAVE HEAPS. Politics, nothing more nor less, is why people continue to stave.

      The US alone produces 3x.

      Australia has a ginormous food bowl.

      Mere accident?

      As for which argument is more convincing.

      I sat through an hour ten of that documentary, and although “good” sided, it was one-sided.

      The Penn&Teller “Organic Food is Bullshit” <<<click episode was a mere 20 minutes yet it gave near equal time to both sides of the argument.

      Fact is, we've been eating this "unnatural" shit for decades, both the food and us pumped up on antibiotics (and one day, the argument about anything is gonna start coming from a different paradigm), and well..

      The average life expectancy even for a Roman, and this is before the Renaissance where it was actually about the same) was about 25 years.

      Yep. And it was all fucking natural.

      And now?

      We have 80 year old politicians. (OK, so maybe you have a point).

      Funny. Everyoneone in the West knows there's a problem.

  3. I know he’s kicked out a lot of Libs, has asserted his authoritah, but I’m beginning to like Slippery Pete.

    Found this over at the Bolta’s:

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott opened combat with his favourite subject: reminding Ms Gillard that she had promised during the last election campaign that there would be no carbon tax. Now she was introducing just such a tax and had admitted she had made mistakes she regretted, would she ‘’rescind her deception’’ and put aside the tax until she took it to the next election?…

    ‘’Putting a price on carbon was the right thing to do and I stand by it,’’ Ms Gillard began… And then, in her well-practised manner, Ms Gillard turned the question on its head and got stuck into the opposition… Mr Slipper called for her to be ‘’directly relevant’’ to the question.

    Ms Gillard sailed on, and the Speaker hollered again for her to get back to the subject at hand.

    The Prime Minister …wasn’t for turning. It was a battle of wills. Mr Slipper triumphed. He simply turned off the Prime Minister’s microphone, told her she would no longer be heard and sat her down.

    Ms Gillard appeared thunderstruck.


      • Merilyn
      • March 1st, 2012

      He did? Uh oh, she will get him for that!

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • March 1st, 2012

    “… on the smartfone …”
    I thought you had one of those Galaxy thingies?


  4. You Applophiles. Get so defensive sometimes. OK, OK, I’ll give it this. Despite being unergonomic (it’s a word now) and too heavy thus therefore prone to breaking when sneezed on too hard, more prone to theft than a Zippo lighter, and FFS you can’t even switch the inadequate batteries ALL smartfones have, I’ll give it this…

    It… oh maybe the screen minimises in a slightly smoother manner (and the YouTube icon is kinda funky). But then it gets sluggish when trying to scroll down further (I hate the word “farther”, frickin’ Americans).

    And where are the options? The other brainfart can’t even multitask??? (Must admit, geez we expect a lot these days. Should be a blast if it all comes crashing down)

    Can the new ones? Finally?

    In other news, how’s this for rich?

    Am guessing you’ve seen this, but in the interests of the greater good.

    Chinese baby milk. A Chinese firm suing an a Western firm – Apple – over all things… copyright. <<<click

    And saw this on UK's Top Gear.

    BMW brought on a lawsuit to some Chinese firm over cloning its X5. BMW took 'em to court, sued 'em…

    And lost. <<<click


    Adds new meaning to an old one hit wonder penned by supposed dropkicks.

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