Freedom of Speech… so long as the government approves of it

What a load of bollocks.

THE print media inquiry report has recommended a News Media Council be formed to set journalistic standards and handle complaints for all news and current affairs coverage in print, online, on radio and on television.

The new super regulator would be government funded and would explicitly cover online news for the first time, covering any news website receiving 15,000 hits a year a more.

That’s not a free press. You want a REAL public inquiry? It’s called people buy and/or read what they want and if they deem it to be crap, they stop.

If this report is implemented, it would demonstrate yet another example of a government-knows-best treating us like idiots. The current incompetent, lying, vitriolic shambles that is our current government likes to dish it but no siree can’t take it.

There’s a reason the current government gets bad press, and it’s barely because of nasty journalists.

Oh, and 15,000 hits a year? Get real. Even this tiny, miniscule, obscure, barely-read blog gets 15,000 hits every two months or so.

No, that 15,000 per year ( 🙄 ) constitutes not just news organisations as we generally know them, but almost anyone who wants to express their opinion publically.

An ominous decision, and another nail in the coffin of freedom and true democracy.

Julia Gillard, you are a shocker.

Can’t stop stuffing up, so now she wants to shut us up.

To be clear, the report’s recommendations haven’t (yet) been implemented but the fact this report even exists, was even considered, shows just how low, rotten, and scared this government is.

    • mabba
    • March 2nd, 2012

    Truly shocking. Would Bob McClelland please resign & save us from this unbelievable (literally) govt!

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • March 2nd, 2012

    It’s such a downer. On top of this horrid report, Radio Station MTR closed down at 5PM today. No more free speech on the radio with Bolt and the especially good Chris Smith, for Melbourne.

    Oh well, at least we can still listen to 2GB online from Sydney. All the same really, except for the adverts and weather reports.

    It will be interesting to see what Bolt’s new contract with Macquarie will be. On-air with Alan Jones, perhaps?
    It will also be interesting to see if someone decides to buy the license and try again with an improved investment in broadcast equipment (The MTR AM signal was tragically bad). The station is closed but the license is still active and available. Signal strength is of utmost importance in the Radio world, but it is shockingly expensive.

    • OK. Two things:

      1. That’s capitalism and a free market.

      2. You’re in Melbourne. Just how bad was that signal strength? Everest get in the way?

      If anyone thinks Singo isn’t having a bit of a think over drinks tonight…

      The Bolta podcast appears to have done really well amongst the rest. Bolta team up with Alan Jones maybe? Not gonna happen in a gazillion years.

      Na. Singo wants Melbourne, too, but as much as blah blah blah Steve Price… NUP. TBH, he is boring. FFS! He was from Sydney!

      Just hope Singo doesn’t lose the plot and try some shit like resurrecting Sandilands inMelb. on AM.

      (Essentially, Melbourne. You’re FUKT. Carrie Bradshaw at the Melbourne Cup
      ? Kim Kardashian?!?!?!???)

      The rest?

      It’s up to Bolta, derive from that podcast, and… concentrate on moving TEN to a one hour format… after all, he’s out-rating that biongiorno fossil.

      Sorry mate, Mebourne, the producers of all the TV, of all the culture, is pseudo-blissfully indifferent and indignant towards the rest of Australia.

      Carl Williams and Julia Gillard. Thanks for the entertainment.

      No worries. Next Underbelly will be Terry Lewis and Joh. Good stuff!

      F1. Melbourne. 2 weeks.

  1. That is the basic problem with the “freedom of speech” in most western democracies. It is not really set down as a basic right, so the government will constantly be nibbling on the ends of it all for the “greater good”. In the end, it is not really “freedom of speech”, but rather a ‘privilege to speak’.

    America, warts and all, has the only real freedom of speech (so far, if Obama is re-elected, expect that to change as well). We must tolerate the hate and nastiness of bigots and Nazis in order to maintain it. But that we allow such filth to speak freely is an assurance that our speech will remain free. It seems all other countries talk about “freedom of speech” , but always qualify it (for good reasons, or so they tell us) to maintain “civil” speech.

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