Just wait for the bleeding hearts to start wailing

Yep. Yet another Aussie arrested in Bali over alleged drug trafficking.

A VICTORIAN man could face the death penalty after allegedly being caught carrying dozens of drug-filled capsules in his stomach in Bali.

Authorities expect that Ballarat-born Edward Norman Myatt, 54, will be hit with serious charges after allegedly being caught with the capsules at Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai Airport.

He’ll get Consular assisstance which is a bit of a crock, but I’d be willing to deal with that if not for the oh-so-predictible “poor Aussie; those bastard Indonesians” bleating that is sure to come out of some sections of the Australian media and public.

Had a gut.

Indonesia, whether you like its system and laws or not, is a SOVEREIGN NATION. You wanna go to that country; then abide by its laws.

Don’t like the laws? Well, no one’s forcing you to go.

And besides, if its true the man really was carrying drugs in capsules in his stomach – which suggests hard drugs such as heroin, not merely a bit of whacky tobbaccy – then why in hell should anyone be offering any sympathy whatsoever?

I’m all up for a debate over whether illegal drugs should stay illegal, become legal, or be decriminalised (I’m for the last one, JFTR).

But the central issue in this case is not that.

Nor is it whether one agrees or disagrees with the death penalty.

It’s not even about whether one agrees with Indonesia’s laws, or wants to hit Indonesia on their facebook *like* button.

It’s about whether we respect a nation’s right to its sovereignty.

As will surely be demonstrated yet again, it is clear many in Australia do not respect Indonesia’s right to make and enforce the laws that its democratically elected government sees fit.

And yet many of those same people demand that others respect ours.

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