Plain packaging: it’s not really about your health

Talking about the offensive new packaging to be introduced to Aussie smokes. Like every stupid, nanny-state, molly-coddling, patronising government decision ever made, other governments can’t wait to do the same… this time in the UK.

And’s deputy editor Rob Lyons calls out “plain packaging” for what it really is, an affront to our intelligence and freedom of speech by a bunch of boring control freaks with nothing better to do than tell supposedly “free” citizens how to live their lives.



  1. Hi,
    Here in Queensland it has gotten ridiculous, all smokes are now covered, and hidden behind doors, that is the new law, so no matter if you are in a cigarette shop or a supermarket you cannot see any smokes, just prices, so if you were a smoker and wanted to change brands, you have no idea what is for sale.

    I would of thought that this would of been illegal, restriction of trade or something like that, but apparently not.

    MTR is off air. I went to listen to Andrew Bolt as I missed it this morning, and the radio station has been pulled, then I found a story about it in the Herald Sun.

    • That’s a shame, although I only ever listened to Bolta’s podcasts.

      Didn’t finish listening today, but this might work.

    • Also, on the smokes thing, on my honeymoon in Oz, my $20 carton from Korea ran out so I had to buy a $14 packet from the Night Owl. Not wanting to smoke 16mg, 12mg, or even 8mg ciggies, I asked the bloke which one’s were a bit lighter but he couldn’t tell me as the milligrams aren’t printed on the packs any more, just the colours – memory of which was a bit faded, especially since when I lived in Oz, I smoked stronger cigs.

      Essentially, a tourist wanting to smoke something stronger or not so strong doesn’t have a hope. It’s pot luck.

      Effing ridiculous.

      • Thank You very much for the link, I tried everything, all cache etc. I really appreciate, you putting that up for me.

        Queensland is terrible for smokers, I have a few friends that smoke, and none of them go to coffee shops any more, or spend too much time at all in any shopping center. You have to be 8 meters away from the front of any building to have a smoke. Tourist must wonder what the hell is going on. Now there is talk about stopping people from smoking outside anywhere.

        • You’re welcome. Luckily it was still up in a window when I saw your comment. A bit of a shame that in hindsight, because of time off and kittens, I didn’t listen to any of the other podcasts this week.

          As for the coffee shops, nothing much goes better than a cigarette and a good coffee. Now Korea is by no means perfect (40% cash down payment if you want to buy an apartment – EEK!, a crap minimum wage, job discrimination against married women, and the fact meat pies and sausage rolls do exist if you can manage to find them but by golly they haven’t been popularised), but in the coffee shops over here, there’s often a separate smoking section.

          Not that hard, and no doubt good for business which means more tax dollars for the government.

          Having said that, there’s still the same wowser-creep going on here, too. No smoking in the streets of Seoul, probably other cities later. In LBB’s hometown, the downtown pedestrian section is smoke free outside.

          Last time in Japan, you couldn’t smoke on the street either, but at least they had a semi-decent number of smoking rooms like you find at airports.

          Governments copying governments, and no matter who you elect, the sh*t just keeps on piling up.

          Even with CanDo Campbell set to take over the reigns in QLD, your friends likely won’t be able to smoke on the street in a few years.

          Heck, I saw an article the other day and some council – I think in the States of all places – wants to ban smoking outside your own home. Yes, even whilst on your own private property.

          What happened?


          • PS

            Don’t be surprised when Tony Abbott and the Libs get in that because of blah blah blah, they can’t repeal the carbon tax/ETS.

            At best, they’ll just wait for the ETS and let it die a natural death.

          • Everyone seemed to just sit back and let it all happen, and slowly, we are losing a lot of our Freedoms. We used to have seperate smoking areas, but they went out the door during Beatties time.

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