We should do this in Australia… maybe

Yeah they’ll complain but it just might get ’em off the drugs and/or into a job.

Lawmakers in 22 states think Florida had the right idea with its law requiring welfare recipients to pass a drug test. States like Wyoming, Illinois, Maryland, and Colorado are all considering similar laws that would make a clean drug test a prerequisite for food stamps, welfare, and other forms of government aid, USA Today reports.

It makes sense.

“If you have enough money to be able to buy drugs, then you don’t need the public assistance,” reasoned one Colorado legislator.

True. But there could be problems, too.

What about cigarettes, alcohol, or if the state deems you too fat?

Nope, sorry mate. Your BMI is 110% and we just found a chocolate bar in your shopping trolley.

No, just for the illegal stuff? Then what about the debate on whether illegal drugs should be illegal in the first place? How’s that War Against Drugs coming along? Arguably, if alcohol were invented today, it would be illegal.

What do you do? Put up with an extra 100,000 homeless bums wandering round the place? What about crime rates?

Can o’ worms…

Australia’s old Work for the Dole scheme seemed the best middle ground as it breaks the welfare dependency cycle.

Ultimately, it’s not just drugs that are the problem. It’s welfare also.

And going deeper still, the dependency factor.

And we’re probably all guilty of that in some form or another.

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