Monday 5/3/12 open/twitter thread

Almost back to the regular schedule… tomorrow I’m told.

Anyway, a couple of stories that caught my eye last night on twitter:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is acting pretty ballsy in front of his countrymen. Despite the tubby leader of the starving nation agreeing to stop its nuclear program – yeah, right 🙄 – in return for US food aid (this time they’ve designed it in the form of not-so-tasty nutritional bars etc. kind of like the ones distributed to starving Africans in an effort to not have the aid – e.g. rice – merely go to the party elite), he recently strutted his stuff for the first time in the DMZ, specifically Panmunjon which is the Korean name for the JSA, you know, that bit where the North and South guards face off against each other every day. He was literally in range of “enemy” troops. All this, of course, isn’t really sticking it to the South. It’s just so that he doesn’t look like a total ass in front of his fellow Commies and potential usurpers for being a fatty who needs more food.

Also, readers may remember a post from a few months back entitled, “The seige of Wukan”. Basically, a bunch of Chinese villagers got sick and tired of their local officials stealing their farmland and pocketing the proceeds after selling it. So they kicked them out. Predictably, police and what not surrounded the village and a stand-off ensued. Well, good news. The villagers were granted fresh elections, and one of the new officials includes a leader of the protest. Nearby villages are starting to get the same idea, but hey, this is China, so don’t be expecting any precedents – despite what this guy says – or the folk in Beijing to be reading it on the front page. Still, it’s a start. Here’s some piccies.

Oh, and Putin is back in (as if he were ever out). Just don’t be a Russian billionaire and criticise the bloke; it might make him cry (you’ll get that after clicking the link).

Via JM, the Samsung Galaxy S III, a teacher’s new best friend, internet karma, Kumbahyah cancelled, wiki highjinks (language warning, but funny as).

Anything catch your eye today? Bob Carr’s predictable, cringe-worthy backflip on Libya? China’s latest hit TV show?

Let us know.


    • elsie
    • March 5th, 2012

    Carr is going to be the defacto PM. I think we will see less of Julia and her irritating voice and manner , and more of Smoothie Bob. Loved his comment on Iran’s Nukes :

    From Andrew Bolt’s blog, Just a few crude bombs? Carr blogs on February 26:

    READ this on his CNN site and strongly recommend you consider it: it is by Fareed Zakaria: Even if one day Tehran manages to build a few crude bombs, a policy of robust containment and deterrence is better to contemplate than a pre-emptive war.

    He is a dangerous dim-wit.

    • True. However I see the realpolitik of the situation being the US can’t afford economically, militarily nor politically the cost of an all-out war with Iran (or North Korea for that matter).

      Iran knows it. North Korea knows it. China knows it. And being election year, Obama knows it, too.

      • Hence I’m not so sure I buy this… hope I’m wrong.

        President Barack Obama says the US “will not hesitate” to use force to stop Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, but says diplomacy could still succeed.

        And this…

        “Iran’s leaders should know that I do not have a policy of containment – I have a policy to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” Mr Obama told the annual American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) policy conference in Washington.

        “And as I’ve made clear time and again during the course of my presidency, I will not hesitate to use force when it is necessary to defend the United States and its interests.”

        And people criticise Bush for banging the war drums??? More troops in Iraq. More in Afghanistan. And just in case two wars plus Libya isn’t quite enough, now this.

        Wouldn’t he be better off “letting” Israel take care of this and then tsk tsking them in public?

        Not saying I don’t like Obi’s rhetoric but wow, the things you can and can’t get away with depending on WHO you are and which “side” you’re on.

          • elsie
          • March 5th, 2012

          I was a bit worried about the ‘crude bombs’ (that might go off by accident ) being OK rather than some professionally made ones 🙂

          You are right .Obama only has mioney for meaningless hot air now and it is a pity he said what he did about Israel. Thanks for the link!

    • mabba
    • March 5th, 2012

    Anything catch my eye today? Yep, Wayne Swan’s address to the Nat. Press Club. Talk about proposed wealth distribution, rich-miner bashing – he makes Marx look like a prep schooler – a big swing also against Gina et al ‘buying influence’ – he really piled it on. I thought the original reason for Juliar’s PM’ship was to stop the successful mining ads- the good news is that there’s a full page colur spread in today’s Oz from Herb Elliot AC MBE (must be a real rat eh?) : Fortescue Deputy Chairman & Lead Independent director FMG (Fortescue: The New Force in Iron Ore).

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